The Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce (CREST) is hiring a Coastal Planner position in Astoria, Oregon to assist our Planning and Habitat Restoration Programs.
The Coastal Planner is responsible for current planning and development review services for CREST member jurisdictions and other local governments that contract with CREST for current planning services. The Coastal Planner is also responsible for assisting lower Columbia River and surrounding Pacific Coastal communities with development and implementation of long range, regional, and special planning projects.
Essential functions include current planning, partnership building; planning project development; grant writing and securing funds for identified projects; and planning project management.
The Coastal Planner will develop and manage current and long-range planning projects in collaboration with local governments and other partners. The Coastal Planner assists local governments in obtaining funding and technical assistance, managing planning processes, and coordinating resources and stakeholders to implement development plans. Plan implementation takes a variety of forms and may include plan or code writing, program development, ecological restoration, or other public works or construction projects, among others.
The Coastal Planner will manage plan processes to ensure that agency partners are capable of providing robust public processes that include both a broad spectrum of the public, and marginalized populations or segments of the public that have been traditionally underrepresented in public decision-making.
The Coastal Planner is responsible for serving partner agencies in at least the following subject areas:
Current planning
Floodplain management
Comprehensive planning
Shorelines and coastal planning
Coastal hazard resilience
Climate change adaptation
Parks and trails planning
Local government land conservation and restoration
Drinking water source protection
Regional dredge material management
Specific duties will include
• Conduct current and long-range planning activities.
• Maintain positive relationships with local and regional government agencies and
CREST member jurisdictions.
• Secure grant and contract funding to implement identified projects.
• Implement current planning for CREST member jurisdictions and other local
governments with Inter-Governmental Agreements with CREST.
o Prepare staff reports and present oral reports to inform decisions by local
planning commissions; County/City commissions and councils.
o Perform technical review of zoning/development/subdivision
o Inspect new and existing developments for compliance with conditions of
approval and development regulations.
• Assist CREST member jurisdictions in the implementation of community
development projects.
• Perform other duties as directed.
The Coastal Planner position will also include the following functions: Developing
relationships with local agency staff and funding agencies; organizing and synthesizing
information; writing reports; making policy, regulatory, and programmatic
recommendations as requested by partner agencies; grant writing; giving presentations;
attending public meetings; facilitating open houses, workshops, and committee
meetings; preparing state and federal permit applications for public projects;
conducting field investigations for development and restoration projects, conducting
dredge material sampling, permitting, and reporting.
The Coastal Planner is also responsible for developing and implementing opportunities
for inter-jurisdictional collaboration and regional planning among local, special
purpose, state and federal agencies and for finding opportunities for partners to
accomplish multiple community goals simultaneously.
The Coastal Planner is a part-time, hourly position, working 32 hours per week. The
position has the potential to grow into a full-time position as the Coastal Planner is able
to work with local jurisdictions to secure new land use planning contracts and grants.
The position will typically work collaboratively with other CREST staff and members
and other local jurisdictions and governmental agencies. The position is supervised by
the CREST Director.
This is not a supervisory position.
The Coastal Planner will have contact with CREST Council members, staff and
colleagues on a daily basis, will interact regularly with personnel from local
jurisdictions and state and federal agencies, and will also have contact with the public.
• Excellent interpersonal, communication, customer service, and time management
• Entrepreneurial, with a strong ability develop projects and to source and secure
project funding.
• Organizational and problem-solving skills to manage a work load with multiple
• Excellent writing abilities as well as proficiency with PC based word processing,
spreadsheets, and basic GIS skills.
• The ability to be a team player and to work collaboratively with a wide crosssection
of people is essential as the Coastal Planner will interface with CREST
staff, member jurisdictions, local, state and federal regulators, developers,
contractors and diverse segments of the public.
• The ability to identify opportunities to assist local jurisdictions and see them
through from conceptualization through planning and implementation.
• Ability to review complex development plans and proposals for conformance
with applicable development regulations with limited supervision; plan and
organize work to meet deadlines; work independently and as part of a team;
communicate effectively in written, oral and graphic formats.
• Ability to effectively prioritize and resolve problems and maintain effective
working relationships with local jurisdictions, stakeholders, agencies and
• A Bachelor’s degree in a related field (e.g. planning, geography, marine sciences,
public administration, or related field) is required and a graduate degree in a
related field is preferred.
• Two to five years planning experience.
• An understanding of both Oregon and Washington planning laws and
regulations; knowledge of coastal and estuarine environments, laws and
regulations governing estuarine and coastal resource management; and
experience working on short and long-range planning projects.
• Experience creating and implementing public participation strategies
• Experience managing projects.
• Experience securing funding for projects through grants and contracts.
This position requires working both independently and with all staff members of
CREST in an office setting. Must possess a driver’s license. Occasionally required to
walk on uneven terrain and perform field work in inclement weather. Must be
available to staff evening meetings in client jurisdictions up to 1.5 hours from the
CREST office, typically two to four days per month. Must be able to commit to regular
office hours one to two days per week in client jurisdiction offices up to 1.5 hours from
the CREST office.
Salary depends on experience and includes generous health, retirement and leave
This position is located in Astoria, Oregon.
February 22, 2019, 5pm PST. Applications received after the deadline may be
considered up until the final hiring decision has been made.
Please submit a CREST employment application form (available on the CREST web site,, cover letter, and résumé to
It is CREST’s policy to employ, retain, promote, discipline, discharge, and otherwise
treat all employee and job applicants on the basis of merit, qualifications and
competence or membership in any other classification protected under federal or
Oregon law. It is the policy of CREST to comply with federal and state statutes on equal
employment opportunity. This policy shall be applied without regard to any
individual’s sex, gender, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age marital
status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any disability which can
be accommodated reasonably, or any other status protected by law.