CREST's Current Vision

Where is CREST going?

To adapt to changing research, environmental and economic concerns, CREST recently formalized their mission: to provide locally-based, high quality environmental planning, habitat restoration and research services to the Columbia-Pacific Region. CREST has moved beyond their original mandate to solely provide research and planning recommendations.

CREST has evolved into a leader in the local community and the region by providing an established methodology of project management for planning and habitat restoration projects. Amongst CREST's comprehensive areas of expertise, the CREST team offers:

  • reconnaissance and data gathering
  • conceptualizing project alternatives and GIS mapping
  • accessing funding and grants
  • project planning and permitting
  • resourcing and managing engineering and construction sub-contractors
  • implementation through to completion
  • effectiveness monitoring

CREST has expanded steadily over the last few years, building and retaining a professional team. CREST has been successful in securing funding for various large-scale restoration projects and navigating new permitting processes.  The organization has also committed to forging partnerships with local communities, private landowners, public utility companies, governmental and environmental organizations, and private businesses and contractors. CREST working collaboratively with the community at large means that the Columbia River Estuary moves closer to sustainability for all species- plant, animal, fish and human- that rely on this vulnerable ecosystem.