Offer expertise, data and information

CREST employs a seasoned and dedicated team of project managers, biologists, environmental planners and GIS specialists who provide leadership and consultative guidance on habitat restoration and environmental planning initiatives throughout the Columbia River basin. The CREST team is also experienced in building and maintaining community partnerships to ensure collaborative efforts are well supported and sustainable for the region.

CREST has been- and continues to be- a significant contributor to a host of scientific research conducted in the Columbia Estuary region. CREST was established in 1974 to gather data and create a management plan for the estuary. Throughout CREST's tenure, the organization has accumulated a vast collection of information, available in their comprehensive research library. CREST extends access, rather than advocacy, for all interested parties - whether governmental, community-based, private or public - that seek information about environmental planning and management in the estuary.

For CREST's Council of Government members, including various counties, cities and ports adjoining the Lower Columbia River, the research library is an invaluable source for short-term and long-range resource planning and environmental management. For CREST's community partners, including funders, environmental organizations and agencies, and private subcontracting companies, the library is a one-stop resource for historical data, as well as protocol regarding regulatory policy. Accessibility to the information curated within CREST's library contributes to the expedition of planning and implementation of projects in the estuary and up-river.

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