Offer information, guidance, and services to private landowners

The privately-owned land that borders the Columbia River Estuary is a mix of residential, agricultural, and recreational property. Failing flood controls (e.g. dikes, tidgates, etc.), frequently flooding roads, river erosion, and other problems can threaten homes and lead to lost or unproductive land. Landowners are expressing more interest in restoring their tidal territory to reflect its more natural state, while strategically protecting their homes and most productive investments. Committing to habitat restoration projects on their properties has the dual effect of safeguarding their property and reconstructing valuable wetlands that offer sheltered areas to juvenile salmon and other wildlife.

For these landowners, CREST serves as a local, community-based resource center that offers direction on habitat restoration. This guidance includes policy interpretation, permit applications, land evaluation, funding acquisition, project planning and management, and implementation. While CREST does manage large-scale projects, CREST is equally dedicated to employing their expertise and methodology to assist landowners in producing sustainable solutions for issues of any size.

Watch this video to learn how CREST supported a restoration project in the Skipanon Wetlands.

Contact CREST if you are curious about how you can protect and restore your property.