Our Objectives

CREST, located in Astoria, OR, is known throughout the Columbia-Pacific region as a reliable and trusted leader in locally-based environmental planning, habitat restoration and research. CREST is also known for finding solutions to environmental problems that provide a variety of benefits to fish and other wildlife, as well as local communities. CREST offers expertise in inclusive project strategy, management, implementation, and monitoring to sustain the partnership between the natural ecosystem and the communities along the Columbia River Estuary.
Our ObjectivesCREST's mission is to provide locally-based, high quality environmental planning, habitat restoration and research services to the Columbia-Pacific Region.
CREST commits to its mission by undertaking a range of activities related to restoring natural habitats, including the following Services.

CREST was originally established in 1974 as a non-regulatory body. As a Council of Governments for communities in Oregon and Washington, CREST does not advocate for particular agendas, but remains a neutral resource for estuary expertise. CREST's primary initiative was to gather scientific data and draft a management plan for the Columbia River Estuary. In this capacity, CREST has consolidated a large resource library of data, reports, analysis, management strategy, and historical and geographic surveys regarding the estuary basin. Member organizations and community and corporate partners rely on this array of information when delving into their own initiatives.
As an intergovernmental organization, CREST works with various levels of government, community and environmental organizations, educational groups, and private landowners. 
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