Denise Löfman

Denise  Löfman
“I believe the combination of grassroots collaboration, partnerships, and voluntary action has tremendous potential to improve our natural environment and our communities at both the small scale and across landscapes.”

Denise joined the CREST team as Director in July of 2012. She is dedicated to working with communities to find solutions for their natural resource issues. Having moved to the Oregon Coast in 2004, Denise has applied her professional passion to resource management of regional watersheds. Before joining CREST, Denise was the Director of the Tillamook Bay Watershed Council. Similarly to the mandate of CREST, at the TWBC, Denise worked directly with landowners to improve watershed health and salmon populations. She focused her early career on green building, renewable energy, and water issues at Global Green USA, the US affiliate of Green Cross International.  Denise was also a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, focusing on environmental education.

Denise’s key responsibilities as Director of CREST include administering and directing the activities of CREST on behalf of member cities, counties and ports in the region: environmental planning and management, habitat restoration and assessment, and estuarine research and monitoring.  She works closely with partner agencies, universities and non-profits in striving to further CREST's mission and services.

Denise holds an MA from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Social Change and Development and International Economics.  She focused her studies on working with stakeholders to encourage community development while improving environmental issues. Denise looks forward to thriving in her role as Director, and is proud to work for an organization like CREST that is dedicated to  engaging stakeholders to work together in partnership and collaboration within the community.

Personal profile: 

Denise is passionate about travelling and truly experiencing different cultures. She has spent an extended amount of time in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, and Norway, and has visited many other countries. Her experiences abroad have gained her an expanded perspective on global environmental issues.

When she is out of the office, she loves to spend time outdoors with her beloved dog on the breathtaking beaches and rivers of the Oregon Coast. She is also a Crossfit enthusiast, a swimmer, and an avid reader.

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