Jason Smith

Habitat Restoration Project Manager
Jason Smith
“I have always wanted to work in a field where I feel like I am making a difference. Working at CREST provides a unique opportunity to be hands on in restoration activities from the beginning of a project to several years after completion.”

Jason grew up in Seaside, Oregon, just south of Astoria. Being able to do research that impacts his local community was a galvanizing factor in his decision to join the CREST team in 2009.  He is passionate about supporting CREST’s crucial role in helping to keep the Columbia River estuary’s vital habitats and the unique species utilizing them from being lost forever.
Jason works with the Lead Ecologist to conduct field work related to the effectiveness of tidal wetland restoration projects.  He also performs lab analyses and maintains and repairs a variety of equipment.  Jason is tasked with related projects, like the development of pit tag array systems, and is gaining experience in elements of habitat restoration project management. 
Jason obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Fisheries & Wildlife with a specialization in Habitat Restoration. His experience working as a Biological Technician for the National Park Service provided him with opportunities to interact with the community on a professional level. As many of CREST’s projects occur in areas visible to the local communities - whether adjacent to a property owner or directly in the public eye- community interaction is an essential tool to CREST’s success. He envisions CREST continuing to develop its role as a pivotal player in all restoration work within the lower Columbia River estuary.

Personal profile: 

Jason appreciates everything about living in the Pacific Northwest, from its surreal flora and fauna, the scenery that sprawls from Pacific ocean to the Rocky Mountains, to the abundance of rain. A perfect weekend for Jason would include any outdoor activity including hiking, surfing, snowboarding, camping, sports and traveling- preferably in the company of friends and family.

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