Paula Gerttula

Fiscal Administrator/Operations Manager
Paula Gerttula
“I think of the people I work for and with as customers who come to me for help and I’m going to give them the best service I can.”

Paula joined the CREST team originally in March 1997 and worked until June of 2000, she rejoined the organization in 2003 and has been responsible for managing the financial department  ever since. Paula possesses a keen interest in being of service to her team: supporting each employee to make their jobs easier, providing orientations to new staff, and participating in special projects with CREST’s Director. She appreciates CREST’s mandate to remain politically neutral, and act in the best interest of both the surrounding environment and the community.

Paula manages the day to day financial management of CREST. She assists in preparation and refinement of the annual budget. She oversees the financial tracking of all CREST grant and contract projects, accounts payable and accounts receivable.  She also administers employee benefits and other Human Resources duties.


Personal profile: 

Paula enjoys travelling around the world, spending time with her grandchildren and Friday night dinners with friends.  She also loves curling up in a chair with her dog.

503-325-0435 x 211