Tom Josephson

Senior Habitat Restoration Project Manager
Tom Josephson
“I am passionate about working in the field of conservation. I get excited thinking about how I can work on a project that will enhance habitat for threatened and endangered species.”

Tom holds the unique position of being the first CREST team member to be located in Portland, rather than Astoria. His locality enables him to liaise with various community partners located in the metropolitan area. He recognizes that what makes CREST’s work distinctive is a team atmosphere to work efficiently and collaboratively on a number of restoration projects at any given time. This team attitude allowed CREST team to persevere through a memorable staff retreat, during which the entire team was snowed in for three days without electricity at a cabin in Mount Hood. “I think the ability to remain even tempered during some stressful times spoke volumes of the caliber of people at CREST.”

Tom manages the planning and implementation of habitat restoration projects, particularly Lower Columbia River projects upstream of Rainier, Oregon. He performs landowner outreach and oversees the quality of subcontracted work, restoration design, regulatory permitting, and construction. He has background and experience in community and natural resource planning.

Tom earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Education from Western Washington University, and his graduate degree in Environmental Planning from the University of Hawai’i. Prior to joining the CREST team in 2011, he volunteered with a variety of environmental organizations, and worked as a Conservation Planner and a Groundwater Science Technician with The Nature Conservancy.  Tom is excited to contribute to the future of CREST, which he feels will continue to be a leader in habitat restoration in the lower Columbia River.

Personal profile: 

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Tom spends his leisure time cross-country skiing, surfing, backpacking, or pack-rafting down one of Oregon’s many great rivers.

Direct: 503-943-2651