Resource Library

Since its foundation in 1974, CREST has been adapted a leadership role in research and environmental planning for the Columbia River Estuary. CREST has amalgamated a substantial body of information that can be used for current and future initiatives. The library's extensive collection includes resources regarding not only the Columbia River Estuary, but also the entire northern Pacific coast, the length and span of the Columbia River and its tributaries, and the ecosystems that border these regions.

The CREST Resource Library contains such documents and publications as:

  • Scientific data, research & investigative reports
  • Environmental management plans & methodologies
  • Policy evaluations &  administrative protocols (federal & regional)
  • Environmental law & mediation information
  • Surveys, assessments, & data analysis
  • GIS mapping, zoning, regional profiles & atlases
  • Governmental standards, plans & objectives
  • Proceedings & minutes
  • Geographic, socioeconomic &  biological histories
  • Regional socioeconomic reports
  • Impact reports
  • Field guides
  • Bibliographies, glossaries, & directories
  • Biological statistics, inventories & overviews

Access our complete list of available documents.

CREST's goal is to digitize the entire library, enabling individuals and organizations to search an online database, download and remunerate for the documents requested. Please check this website for progress on this project.