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Groundwater Quality Protections: Background Discussion and Proposed Policy DEQ Rw 100 5 8/80 Request document »
Erosion Potential - Sediment Yield DEQ Mc 39 Aug-78 Request document »
Elevated Water Temperatures DEQ Mc 36 Aug-78 Request document »
Oregon 1990 Water Quality Status Assessment Report DEQ Rw 200 44 1990 Request document »
Streambank Erosion - Plate 1 DEQ Mc 32 Aug-78 Request document »
1988 Oregon Statewide Assessment of Nonpoint Sources of Water Pollution DEQ LP Rw 200 43 8/88 Request document »
Nuisance Algae or Aquatice Plant Growths DEQ Mc 37 Aug-78 Request document »
Water Withdrawals Causing Stream-Quality Problems DEQ Mc 35 Aug-78 Request document »
Sedimentation - Plate 2 DEQ Mc 33 Aug-78 Request document »
Regulations Relating to Water Quality Control in Oregon DEQ Lor 100 42 11/86 Request document »
Composite of Nonpoint Source Problems DEQ Mc 38 Aug-78 Request document »
How to Get Your Fair Share of Foundation Grants Dermer, Joseph Mg 13 1973 Request document »
Marine and Estuarine Habitat - Classification System for Washington State Dethier, Ph.D., Meg. Ew 88 1990 Request document »
Calibration of Metrics for Jim Karr's B-IBI for the oregon coast north of cape blanco Dewberry EB 75 Mar-98 Request document »
Restoring the River: A plan for the Chinook Watershed Dewberry Pwa 300 9 Sep-97 Request document »
Collaborative Land Use Planning for the Coastal Zone: vol II Half Moon Bay Case Dickert, Thomas
et al
Pm 4 1976 Request document »
Collaborative Land-Use Planning for the Coastal Zone: vol 1 Dickert, Thomas
Sorensen, Jens
Pm 3 1978 Request document »
Recent Federal Policies Affecting Marine Science and Engineering Development Dillon, Enoch L Lf 200 5 1971 Request document »
National Environmental Satellite Service Catalog of Products, Third Edition Dismachek, D. C.
et al
Ms 13 4/80 Request document »
Coastal Recreation: A Handbook for Planners and Managers Ditton, Robert B.
Stephens, Mark
Pm 18 1/76 Request document »
Coastal Resources Management Ditton, Robert B. Os 32 Request document »
State of Oregon vs Donald V Saxon: Findings of Fact and Opinions: Decree Div of State Lands Lor 100 15 3/76 Request document »
An Evaluation of Proportional Stock Density Use in Washington State Divens, Marc
et al.
Rf 300 87 5/96 Request document »
1998 Warmwater Fisheries Survey of Jumpoff Joe Lake Divens, Philips RF 200 159 Dec-99 Request document »
1999 Warmwater Fisheries Survey of McCabe Pond Divens, Philips Rf 200 158 Mar-00 Request document »
Urban Waterfront Revitalization: a Review of the Literature Dix, Georgiana Dp 14 9/79 Request document »
Comprehensive Planning for Flood Hazard Management DOE Pwa 100 23 8/91 Request document »
Model Wetlands Protection Ordinance DOE Lwa 100 30 9/90 Request document »
Permit Problems? DOE Lwa 300 4 Request document »
Populations, Employment, and Households: Projections to 2000 for Oregon DOE Por 100 9 1979 Request document »
Guide to Reducing Energy Use Budget Costs DOE De 500 3 4/78 Request document »
Permit Problems DOE Washington State Lwa 300 2 Request document »
Columbia Interstate Compact: Politics of Water Resources in the Pacific NW Doerksen, Harvey Ray Pr 100 33 1974 Request document »
A 1995 Survey of Resident Game Fish Anglers in Washington State DOFW Rf 100 161 6/96 Request document »
Guidebook for Access Management - Oregon Dept. of Transportation Strategic Planning Section DOT Pg 22 1979 Request document »
North Cascades National Park High Lakes Fishery Mgt. - Historic, Current and Proposed Downen, Mark R.
Rf 100 174 May-04 Request document »
1999 Campbell Lake Survey: The Warmwater Fish Community Fifteen Years After Implementation of a Lake Restoration Plan Downen, Mueller Por 400 29 Jun-00 Request document »
1999 Lake Desire Survey: The Warmwater Fish Community of a Productive Inland Lake Historically Managed Trout Downen, Mueller Rf 300 113 Jul-00 Request document »
1999 Lake Sawyer: The Warmwater Fish Community in a Popular, Unregulated Fishery Downen, Mueller RF300 130 May-00 Request document »
1999 Lake Terrell Survey: Potential Trophy Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish Fisheries in a Lowland Western Washington Lake Preserve Downen, Mueller RF300 132 Apr-00 Request document »
Astoria Bypass John Day River Bridge-Youngs Bay Bridge Draft Environmental Impact Statement Por 305 18 Request document »
South Tongue Point Highest and Best Use Study DSL Por 302 31 8/90 Request document »
Findings of Fact: Application of the Port of Astoria to Fill a Portion of Young DSL Lor 100 24 12/76 Request document »
Oregon Wetlands Priortiy Plan DSL Park & Rec. Div. Ew 73 7/89 Request document »
High-level Radioactive WAste: Safe Storage and Ultimate Disposal Dukert, Joseph De 100 1 1975 Request document »
Mitigation for Estimated Juvenile Dungeness Crab Loss Due to Test of Hopper Dredging with Sidecast Disposal in Willapa Bay, WA Dumbauld, Kauffman RF300 126 Sep-99 Request document »
Dictionary of Development Terminology Dumouchell, J. Rober Mg 6 1975 Request document »
A Proposal for A Columbia Basin Watershed Planning Council Duncan, Angus
NW Power Planning Co
Pr 200 93 8/94 Request document »
Clay Mineral Composition of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments of Cascadia Basin, NE Pac Ocean Duncan, Griggs, Kulm At 113 Mar-70 Request document »
Overhaul or Maintenance: A Review of Existing and Proposed Governance Institutions in the Columbia River Basin and Estuary Duncan, Neuman, Swift Rf 100 28 Jan-99 Request document »
Historical Analysis of the Columbia River Estuary: - An Ecological Approach Duncan, Thomas Eb 42 c. 1 & 2 1981 Request document »
Significant Shoreland and Wetland Habitats in the Clatsop Plains Duncan, Thomas Por 302 38 Jun-82 Request document »
Biological Impact of a Flowlane Disposal Project Near Pillar Rock in the CRE Durkin, Joseph
Lipovsky, Sandy J.
Rf 200 1 1979 Request document »
Benthic Invertebrates, Water Quality, and Substrate Texture in Baker Bay, Youngs Durkin, Joseph
Emmett, Robert
Pr 200 43 4/80 Request document »
Purse Seine for Sampling Juvenile Salmonids Durkin, Joseph T
Park, Donn L
Rf 100 52 1/67 Request document »
Survey Report of Fish Species Found in a proposed Fill Area West of the Port of Durkin, Joseph T Por 306 6 6/74 Request document »
List of Fishes of the Lower Columbia and Willametter Rivers Durkin, Joseph T
McConnell, Robert J
Rf 200 2 1973 Request document »
Device to Detect Magnetized Wire Tags in Migrating Adult Coho Salmon Durkin, Joseph T.
et al
Rf 100 40 1969 Request document »
Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations - Columbia River Disposal Site, Oregon Durkin, Joseph T.
Lipovsky, Sandy J.
Dd 6 1977 Request document »
Columbia River Estuary Finfish and Shellfish Utilization Durkin, Joseph T. Rf 100 57 7/80 Request document »
Migration and Timing of Juvenile Salmon Durkin, Joseph T. Rf 100 32 6/77 Request document »
Migration Characteristics of Coho Salmon (Oncorynchus Kisuth) Smolts in the Colu Durkin, Joseph T. Pr 200 39 Request document »
Investigation of Fish and Decapod Shellfish found at Four Dredge Material ... Durkin, Joseph T. Dd 12 1975 Request document »
Occurence of a Ratfish in the Columbia River Estuary Durkin, Joseph T.
Misitano, David
Rf 200 7 1974 Request document »
Baseline Fish and Shellfish Investigations Offshore of the Columbia River ... Durkin, Joseph T.
Lipovsky, Sandy J.
Rf 200 3 6/75 Request document »
Distribution and Movement of Juvenile Salmon in Brownlee Reservoir, 1962-65 Durkin, Joseph T.
et al
Rf 100 55 4/70 Request document »
Preliminary Evaluatin of Mt St Helens Impact on Columbia River Estuarine Finfish Durkin, Terry Rf 300 38 Request document »
Environmental Studies of Three Columbia River Estuarine Beaches Durkine, Joseph T.
et al
Ew 3 1977 Request document »
Union of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean - General Features Duxbury, Alyn C Ep 20 1965 Request document »
Tidal Period Oscillations of an Isohaline Surface off the Mouth of the Columbia Duxbury, Alyn C
McGary, Noel B
Oc 3 Request document »
Local Changes of Salinity and Nutrientes Off the Mouth of the Columbia River Duxbury, Alyn C.
McGary, Noel B.
Ech 4 Request document »
Currents at the Columbia River Mouth Duxbury, Alyn C. Ep 6 3/67 Request document »
Estuaries: A Physical Introduction Dyer, K. R. Ec 2 1973 Request document »
Northwest Wetlands: What Are They? For Whom? For What? Dyer, Polly; ed. Ew 97 11/85 Request document »
An Evaluation of the Effects of Four Tags Used for Marking Juvenile Chinook Salm Eames, Michael
Hino, Mark
Rf 100 56 1981 Request document »
Northern Puget Sound 1976 Adult Coho and Chum Tagging Studies Eames, Michael
et al
Rf 300 24 8/81 Request document »
A Directory of Organizations and Services in South Pacific Co., - Including Key Government Officials Easley, Harry & Jane Mc 23 5/93 Request document »
Biological Effects of Petroleum on Aquatic Birds Eastin, William C.
Hoffman, David J.
Rg 200 11 1978 Request document »
Marine Shoreline Fauna of Washington Easton, Randal L, ed Pwa 200 1 12/75 Request document »
Tillamook County Economic Information Econ Info Clearingho Por 400 28 6/79 Request document »
Aquaculture Siting Study EDAW Inc. Pwa 100 19 10/86 Request document »
Estuarine fronts as conduits for larval transport:hydrodynamics and spatial distribution of Dungeness Crab postlarvae Eggleston,Armstrong,Ellis,Patton RF200 163 Apr-98 Request document »
Coastal Sturctures Handbook Series Breakwaters, Jetties and Groins Ehrlich, Laurie A.
Kulhawy, Fred H.
Dj 18 3/82 Request document »
Plants, Plant Communities, Net Production and Tide Levels: the Ecological Biogeo Eilers, H Peter Rv 10 1975 Request document »
Bed-load Function for Sediment Transportation in Open Channel Flows Einstein, Hans A. Ep 37 1950 Request document »
Tidal Marsh Plants Eleuterius, Lionel N. Rv 40 1990 Request document »
Remote Sensing Acquisition of Tracer Dye and Infrared Imagery Information and In Eliason, J R
et al
Ms 2 1971 Request document »
Impacts of the Proposed Warrenton Levee Rehabilitation Rehabilitation on Fish an Ellifrit, Nancy J. Por 304 7 9/87 Request document »
Annotated Biblography of the Effects of Dredging & Dredge Disposal on Aquatic... Ellinger, Elaine
Snyder, George
Dd 1 1975 Request document »
Coastal Mapping Handbook Ellis, Melvin Mg 4 1978 Request document »
Preliminary Biological Survey of Log-Rafting and Dumping Areas in Southeastern A Ellis, Robert J Rt 100 11 Request document »
Understanding Effects of Land Mgt. On Rivers, Floods and Floodplains Ellis-Sugai, Barbara
Godwin, Derek C.
Rw 100 33 2002 Request document »
Crayfish Elverum, Ken Rf 200 89 10/81 Request document »
Profile of the 1983 Legislative Assembly Elverum, Ken Lf 100 49 11/82 Request document »
Salmon Enhancement in British Columbia Elverum, Ken Rf 100 49 3/81 Request document »
Relationship of Seasonal Changes in the Biochemical Components to the Reproducti Elvin, David W Rf 200 28 Request document »
Aquatic Lands, Issues and Policies Elway Research Pwa 100 20 3/90 Request document »
Southwest Washington Flood Disaster Economic Adjustment Strategy - Counties of Grays Harbor, Lewis, Cowlitz, Wahkiakum & Clark EMHCO & Assoc. Pwa 400 24 Dec-96 Request document »
Southwest Washington Flood Disaster Economic Adjustment Strategy - Executive Summary EMHCO & Assoc. Pwa 400 24a Dec-96 Request document »
Food of Juvenile Chinook, Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha, and Coho, O. Kisutch, Salmon Emmett
et al
Rf 200 100 1986 Request document »


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