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Prediction and Control of Dredged Material Dispersion Around Dredging and Open-W Barnard, William D Dd 43 8/78 Request document »
Mitigation Plan for Gronmark Construction, Warrenton, Oregon Barnes, Mark Em 36 4/94 Request document »
Columbia River Estuary Regional Wetland Managment Planning Framework Barnes, Mark
Rushmore, Carol
Pr 200 98 3/91 Request document »
Commercial Fishing Vessel Moorage in The Columbia River Estuary Barnes, Mark
Mg 35 Feb-92 Request document »
Columbia River Estuary Oily Waste Containment Sites and Emergency Ordinance Lang Barnes, Mark R. De 300 25 8/86 Request document »
Port of Astoria: Real Property Report Barrett, Joan
James Barrett
Por 306 30 8/96 Request document »
Habitat Development Field Investigatios Nott Island Upland Habitat Development Barry, William J.
et al
Dd 68 8/78 Request document »
Washington Fishing Rights Controversy: An Economic Critique Barsh, Russel L Rf 100 48 1979 Request document »
Economic Evaluation of the Columbia River Estuary Bartl, Rainmar
Morgan, Mike
Por 301 31 pub 2/81 Request document »
The Design and Implementation of Coastal Zone Management Information Systems Bartlett, Darius J. Mi 7 1989 Request document »
Waves and Beaches: the Dynamics of the Ocean Surface Bascom, Willard Os 10 1964 Request document »
Coastal Water Research Project: Biennial Report for the Years 1979-1980 Bascom, Willard Rw 300 7 1980 Request document »
Timber Resource Statistics for Southwest Washington Bassett, Patricia M
Oswald, Daniel D.
Rt 200 6 4/81 Request document »
Timber Resource Statistics for the Puget Sound Area, Washington Bassett, Patricia M
Oswald, Daniel D.
Rt 200 7 3/82 Request document »
Timber Resource Statistics for the Olympic Peninsula Washington Bassett, Patricia M.
Oswald, Daniel D.
Rt 200 8 11/81 Request document »
Population Characteristics of the Intertidal Green Sea Anemone on the Oregon Coa Batchelder, H. P.
Gonor, J. J.
Rg 200 35 Request document »
Prototype Machine for the Removal of Sediment from Gravel Streambeds Bates, Ken P.E.
Johnson, Ray
Dd 83 Request document »
Preliminary Report on Physical, Chemical and Mineralogical Composition and Healt Battelle Memorial In Pwa 400 4 6/80 Request document »
Overview of Methods for Assessing & Managing Sediment Quality Battelle Ocean Scien Rq 100 3 Request document »
Coastal Reconnaissance Study: Oregon and Washington Battelle Pacific NW Pr 200 4 1974 Request document »
Report on the Future of the Long Beach Peninsula Seashore Battelle-Northwest Pwa 302 1 1971 Request document »
Dispute Resoulution Bauer, Leonard
Watt, Peter K.
Pm 34 10/90 Request document »
Acquisition Priorities for the Coastal Wetlands of California Bauer, Richard D.
Speth, John W.
Ew 38 Request document »
Effects of Peaking (Stranding) of Columbia River Dams on Juvenile Anadromous Fis Bauersfield, Kevin Rf 100 2 1977 Request document »
Environmental Effects of Dams and Impoundments in Canada: Experience and Prospe Baxter, R. M.
Glaude, P.
De 100 13 1980 Request document »
Aspects of an Oregon Estuarine Great Blue Heron Population Bayer, R. D. Rg 200 2 1978 Request document »
Bald Eagle - Great Blue Heron Interactions Bayer, Range Rg 200 24 4/79 Request document »
Novel Use of an Unusual Food: American Robins Eating Parts of Fish Bayer, Range Rg 200 25 1980 Request document »
Intertidal Zonation of Zostera Marina in the Yaquina Estuary, Oregon Bayer, Range D Rv 2 1979 Request document »
Size and Age of the Tube-Snout in the Yaquina Estuary, Oregon Bayer, Range D Rf 200 49 1980 Request document »
Size, Seasonality, and Sex Ratios of the Bay Pipefish (Syngnathus Lepthorhynchus Bayer, Range D Rf 200 38 1980 Request document »
Anti-roll Beach Seine Bayer, Range D. Rf 100 37 1979 Request document »
Great Blue Heron Attacks Horned Grebe Bayer, Range D. Rg 200 23 1979 Request document »
Birds Feeding on Herring Eggs at the Yaquina Estuary, Oregon Bayer, Range D. Rg 200 26 1980 Request document »
Calcification in a living planktonic foraminifer Be, Hemleben At Mu11 Jan-70 Request document »
X-ray Microscopy of recent planktonic foraminifera Be,Jongebloed, McIntyre At Mu 12 Nov-69 Request document »
Environmental Assessment Report: Tongue Point Coal Terminal, Oregon Beak Consultants Por 305 8 5 c 9/81 Request document »
Astoria Bypass Wetland Report John Day River Bridge/Youngs Bay Bridge Beak Consultants Inc. Pwa 300 8 Nov-95 Request document »
Fisheries Habitat Enhancement Efforts Beale, Katherine
et al
Por 200 92 5/85 Request document »
Status & Habitat Requirements of the White Sturgeon Populations in the Columbia Beamesderfer, Ray C
Nigro A A
Rf 200 138 1/93 Request document »
Status and Habitat Requirements of the White Sturgeon Populations in the Columbi Beamesderfer, Ray C
Nigro, Anthony
Rf 100 149 v 1 9/92 Request document »
Environmental Geology of Inland Tillamook and Clatsop Counties, Oregon Beaulieu, John D Por 200 14 7/73 Request document »
Geologic Hazards in Oregon Beaulieu, John d. Mn 1 5/76 Request document »
Geological Hazards Inventory of the Oregon Coastal Zone Beaulieu, John D. Por 200 15 1974 Request document »
Pacific Coast Ecological Inventory: User's Guide and Information Base Becassio, A. D.
et al
Pu 3 2 c 1981 Request document »
Port of Ilwaco: Comprehensive Marina Plan 1970 Beck, R W & Associat Pwa 304 2 Request document »
Clatsop Plains Ground Water Protection Plan: Summary Report and Environmental... Beck, R. W.
Por 302 26 3/82 Request document »
Contaminated Sediments Criteria Report Becker, D. Scott
Pastorok, Robert A.
Rq 100 7 Request document »
Historical and Archaeological Resources of the Oregon Coastal Zone Beckham, Stephen
Donna Lee Hepp
Por 200 43 9/74 Request document »
Studies to Control Shoaling of The Navigation Channel: Lower Columbia River Beeman,
Ogden & Associates
Dd 85 Request document »
Opportunities for Development of Port Facilities at Warrenton, Oregon Beeman, Ogden Por 304 9 2 c 1978 Request document »
Land Use of Dredged Material Containment Areas: Productive Use Examples Beeman, Ogden
Benkendorf, Al
Dd 55 8/78 Request document »
Origin of the Miocene an Alternative Hypothesis Beeson, Marvin H
et al
Eg 18 10/79 Request document »
Effects of Mitigative Measures on Productivity of White Sturgeon Beiningen, Kirk Rf 300 91 1994 Request document »
Experiments to Teach Ecology Beiswneger Mc 32 Request document »
Fundamentals of Comprehensive Environmental Planning Bella, David Pg 1 1/74 Request document »
Impact Assessment and Future Generations Bella, David Mg 9 Request document »
Mathematical Modeling of Estuarine Benthal Systems Bella, David Ech 6 1971 Request document »
Oregon's Estuaries Bella, David Por 200 10 1974 Request document »
General Planning Methodology for Oregon's Esturine Natural Resources Bella, David
Klingeman, Peter
Pm 8 3/73 Request document »
Technological Constraints on Technological Optimism Bella, David Mg 11 1979 Request document »
Managing Uncertainty on the Shore Bella, David
Meyer, Phillip
Os 46 Oct-78 Request document »
Tidal Flats in Estuarine Water Quality Analysis Bella, David A Ew 6 1975 Request document »
Environmental Planning and Ecological Possibilities Bella, David A.
Overton, W. Scott
Pg 2 6/72 Request document »
Environmental Considerations for Estuarine Dredging Operations Bella, David A.
McCauley, James E.
Dd 47 Request document »
Salinity, Temperature and Current Measurements at Tansy Point in the Columbia Ri Benad, Marcia L Ech 1 1978 Request document »
Investigation of Parameters influencing Shoaling in the Hammond Mooring Basin Benad, Marcia L Por 303 2 1978 Request document »
Urban Growth Management Grant Projects Catalog Benner, Richard
Kelly, John
Mc 25 1994 Request document »
Oregon Coast and the Oregon Conservation and Development Commission - Why Not Classify Estuaries Benner, Richard Por 200 3 1973 Request document »
Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon Run -1984 Bennett, Donald E Rf 300 3 1984 Request document »
Lower Willamette and Clackamas River steelhead and Willamette River White Sturge Bennett, Donald E. Rf 300 32 4/82 Request document »
1987 Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon Run Bennett, Donald E. Rf 300 62 10/88 Request document »
Fish Passage at Willamette Falls in 1981: Annual Report (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 1981) Bennett, Donald E. Rf 300 18 3/82 Request document »
Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Information Program: Pacific Index Benton, J.
et al
De 200 10 7/79 Request document »
Directory to Federal, State and Local OCS-Related Activities and Contacts Benton, J.
et al
De 200 22 11/79 Request document »
Atlantic Index DRAFT - Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas Information Program Benton, J.
Holman, R.
De 200 25 3/79 Request document »
Proposed Additions to Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for the Columbian White-tailed Benvenuti, Paul Rg 100 15 6/93 Request document »
Willapa Bay Watershed: A surface Water Study Berbells, Scott Eg 36 Oct-91 Request document »
Sewerage Alternatives for the South Clatsop Plains Berg, Bill
Leeper, Mary
Por 302 12 1976 Request document »
Consistency Appeals - Recent Developments Bergerbest, Nathan S Lf 200 17 Request document »
Cleaning Agents for Oiled Wildlife Berkner, Alice B
et al
Rg 200 8 Request document »
Muddy Waters; The Toxic Wastland Below America's Oceans, Coasts, Rivers and Lakes Beth millemann Og 19 Aug-99 Request document »
Literature Review of Reptiles and Amphibians of the Columbia River Estuary Beyer, Don
et al
Pr 200 17 11/80 Request document »
Literature Review of Seed Production in the Columbia River Estuary Beyer, Don
et al
Pr 200 16 11/80 Request document »
Development Standards Document BGRS Lor 200 5 12/79 Request document »
Lower Columbia River Bi-State Water Quality Program - Steering Committee Recommendations Bi-state steering co Rw 200 52 4/96 Request document »
Effects of Low Levels of Oil on Aquatic Birds Biderman, J. O.
Drury, W. H.
Rg 200 19 1980 Request document »
Port of Ilwaco: Comprehensive Marine Plan 1981 Bierly and Assoc Pwa 304 1 1981 Request document »
Recognizing Wetlands and Wetland Indicator Plants on Forest Lands Bigley, Hull Ew 99 Jan-93 Request document »
Conference/Workshop on Recommendations for Studies in WA and OR Relative to Offs Bio/Tech Communicati De 200 30 1/89 Request document »
Governing Puget Sound Bish, Robert L. Pwa 200 13 1982 Request document »
Habitat Investigations Task Review Blahm, Theodore Pr 200 20 3/81 Request document »
Portland Harbor Predredge and Disposal Study Blahm, Theodore H
et al
Dd 27 5/79 Request document »
Topography, Soils and Associated Hazards Blanchard, Robert E
Jay, David
Eg 2 1977 Request document »
Planning for Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay Blanchfield, Jeffry Ol 2 Request document »
Coded-wire Tag Loss Study Blankenship, Lee Rf 300 22 8/81 Request document »
Development and Mitigation in the Pacific Northwest Blomberg, George Em 31 Request document »
Columbia River at Baker Bay: West Channel Modification. Blum, Joseph R. Pwa 300 2 9/81 Request document »
Salmon Law & History: Sources & Analysis Blumm, Michael
F. Lorraine Bodi
Mh 24 1994 Request document »
Hydropower Be Salmon - Struggle of the Pacific NW Anadromous Fish Resources for a Blumm, Michael C. De 400 11 6/81 Request document »


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