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The Neawanna Watershed Atlas - A Resource for the Neawanna Creek Watershed Coastal Studies and Tech.
Seaside HS
Ew 600 7 1995 Request document »
The Manzanita Comprehensive Plan - Background Information Por 200 107 Request document »
The Lowest Known Tertiary Diatoms in CA Hanna At Mu22 27-Aug Request document »
The Importance of Estuarine Habitats to Anadromous Salmoinds of the Pacific NW Kevin Atkin Rf100 200 Sep-98 Request document »
The Health of the River 1990-1996 Tetra Tech Eb 73 5/96 Request document »
The Great River of the West League of Women Vote Ec 34 9/59 Request document »
The Governor's Watershed Starter Kit Enhancment Board Por 100 45 1996 Request document »
The Global Oceans Directory - A Compendium of Organizations Dedicated to Marine Conservati EPA Mc 24 8/92 Request document »
The Fish and Wildlife Resources of the North Coast Basin, Oregon, and their Wate Lauman, Jim Rf 100 75 4/86 Request document »
The Estuary Book Byrne, Millie
Ec 38 Request document »
The Environemntal Impacts of Marinas and Their Boats - A Literature Review with Mangement Considerations Chmura, Gail
Ross, Neil
Dm 28 1978 Request document »
The Energy Yardstick: Using Places to create more stustainable communities California Energy commission Mg 10 Sep-96 Request document »
The Economic Impact of Birding Ecotourism on Communities Surrounding Eight ... - Wildlife Refuges Kerlinger, Paul Mt 5 Request document »
The Ecology of Estuarine Channels of the Pacific NW Coast: - A Community Profile US Dept. of Interior
Fish & Wildlife
Em 34 Dec-83 Request document »
The Dynamics of the Columbia River Estuarine Ecosystem, Volume II CREST B 36 6/84 Request document »
The Dynamics of the Columbia River Estuarine Ecosystem, Volume I CREST B 35 6/84 Request document »
The Design and Implementation of Coastal Zone Management Information Systems Bartlett, Darius J. Mi 7 1989 Request document »
The Decline of the Salmon Fishing Industry: The Willapa Bay and - The Columbia River Estuary Wasberg, Jill Marie Rf 200 167 Jun-02 Request document »
The CREST Mediation Agreement CREST Council
et al
Pr 200 107 1981 Request document »
The Columbia River System Screening Analysis: A Summary Col.Rvr. SOR Pr 100 64 8/92 Request document »
The Columbia River Estuary Atlas of Physical & Biological Characteristics CREDDP LP Eb 78 Jun-84 Request document »
The Columbia River Estuary Atlas of Natural Resources CREST LP Ec 41 Nov-93 Request document »
The Causes of Erosion to Siletz Spit, OR Komar At 122 Dec-75 Request document »
The Audubon Society Nature Guides Pacific Coast McConnaughey, Bayard G.
McConnaughey, Evelyn
Rg 200 61 Aug-92 Request document »
The 2001 Lower Columbia River and Buoy 10 Recreational Fisheries Watts, James W. Por 300 23 Jan-03 Request document »
The 1999 Warmwater Fish Survey of Big Chambers Lake (Russell Lake), Thurston County Caromile, Jackson Rf 300 121 Apr-00 Request document »
The 1999 Lower Columbia River and Buoy 10 Recreational Fisheries Watts, James W. Rf 300 135 Nov-00 Request document »
The 1996 Lower Columbia River and Buoy 10 Recreational FIsheries Melcher, Curtis
Hunter, Matthew
Rf 300 99 4/98 Request document »
The 1994 Lower Columbia River and Buoy 10 Recreational Fisheries Melcher, Curtis E.
Watts, James W.
Rf 300 86c 1&2 10/95 Request document »
Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste EPA Pm 38 Nov-86 Request document »
Tertiar Foraminifera from Humboldt county, CA Cushman, Stewart At Mu13 Request document »
Technological Constraints on Technological Optimism Bella, David Mg 11 1979 Request document »
Technical Conference, Estuaries of the Pacific Northwest Ec 9 3/73 Request document »
Technical Conference Estuaries of the Pacific Northwest Ec 8 3/72 Request document »
Technical Assistance and the Oregon Plan for Salmon & Watersheds Healthy Streams Partnership Rw 300 16 Nov-02 Request document »
Teacher's Supplement to the Reporter's Environmental Handbook Bright, Susan
Bulkley, Nathaniel
Me 21a 1995 Request document »
Taxonomy of Economic Seaweeds with Reference to Some Pacific & Carribbean Specie Abbot, Isabella A
Norris, James N
Mg 1 1984 Request document »
Taxonimic Status and Genetic Purity of Columbian White-tailed Deer, an Endangere Gavin, Thomas A
May, Bernie
Rg 200 29 1986 Request document »
Target Industry Study: Northern Oregon Coast Pacific Power Por 301 38 2c Request document »
Target Industries Report CEDC Di 4 9/77 Request document »
Taking the "Work" Out of Workshops - A Planning Guide for Sea Grant Investigators Ovens, Carol B Pa 18 1976 Request document »
Tactical Decision Algorithm for the Optimal Dispatching of Oil Spill .... Psaraftis, Harilaos
Ziogas, Babis O.
De 300 20 Request document »
T & J Cedar's Energy Recovery Facility Draft - Environmental Impact Statement Pacific County Pwa 302 6 6/81 Request document »
System Strategy for California, Oregon and Washington Fishing Industry and Publi Kramer, Chin & Mayo Dp 24 3/82 Request document »
System of Classifying and Identifying Oregon's Coastal Beaches and Dunes Crook, Christianna S Por 200 33 6/79 Request document »
Synthesizing Geological Observations and Processes-response Data for Modeling Coastal change at Management Scale Kaminsky, Gelfenbaum et al Mc 31 Jun-99 Request document »
Synthesis of OCS Well Information, Offshore Central and Northern California, Ore Zieglar, D L
Cassell, J K
De 200 11 4/78 Request document »
Synthesis of Biological Data from the Straight of Juan de Fuca & Northern Puget EPA Pwa 400 16 2/83 Request document »
Synopsis of the Wildlife Act British Columbia Pcan 32 6/82 Request document »
Synopsis of Federal Agency and Indian Involvement in Washington Coastal Zone Pwa 200 30 Request document »
Symposium on Prequalification of Thermal Power Plant Sites in the Pacific Northw WA State University De 100 7 10/75 Request document »
SWS Bulletin Vol. 16, No. 4 Society of Wetland Scientists Ew 81 a Dec-99 Request document »
SW Washington Coastal Erosion Study - Glossary of Coastal Terminology Voigt Pc 60 1998 Request document »
Svensen Island Real Estate Appraisal Report Weed & Assoc. Por 307 4 9/84 Request document »
Sustainable Development; Economics and Environment in the Third World Pearce, David
Barbier, Edward
Mc 26 1990 Request document »
Surveys of Some Sloughs of the Lower Columbia River Fies, Ted T Pr 100 17 1971 Request document »
Surveying Historic Industrial Tidewater Sites: - The Case of the B.C. Salmon Canning Industry Newell, Dianne Mh 17 11/87 Request document »
Survey Report of Fish Species Found in a proposed Fill Area West of the Port of Durkin, Joseph T Por 306 6 6/74 Request document »
Survey of the Oregon Coastal Port Districts: 1976 Burger, Jeffery Dp 19 1976 Request document »
Survey of Oregon's Water Laws Clark, Chapin D Lor 100 9 3/74 Request document »
Survey and Resource Materials on the Use of Oxygen Supplementation in Fis Rf 200 107 9/88 Request document »
Supply of Pacific US Groundfish: Harvesting, Processing, Marketing and Regulati Hanna, Susan S. Rf 100 142 1991 Request document »
Supplements and Revisions to Oregon Outdoor Recreation OR State Highway Div Por 100 21a 10/72 Request document »
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and Regulatory Impact Review Pac. Fishery Manage Rf 100 143 v1 1/91 Request document »
Supplement to the fish and Wildlife Resources of the North Coast Basin, Oregon Lauman, Jim
et al
Rf 300 9 4/68 Request document »
Summary, Final Report OR Coastal Con/Dev C Por 200 25 1975 Request document »
Summary Report: Chetco River Hopper Dredge Scheduling Analysis Montagne-Bierly ass. Por 200 59 8/78 Request document »
Summary Report on the Status of Planning in Clatsop and Tillamook Counties Stevens, Thompson & Por 200 48 1971 Request document »
Summary of the Salmon Task Force Meetings Lichatowich, James Rf 100 72 3/78 Request document »
Summary of Proceedings: NOAA Coastal Wetlands Workshop Ew 71 4/86 Request document »
Summary of Pacific Area Input to the Eastland Fisheries Survey Pacific Marine Fishe Rf 100 63 1976 Request document »
Summary of Marine Public Education in California Public Schools Thornley, Kay Me 10 1981 Request document »
Summary of Instream Flow Methods for Fisheries and Related Research Needs Wasche, Thomas A
Rechard, Paul A
Rf 100 44 7/80 Request document »
Summary of Federal Programs and Projects - FY1993 Update US Dept of Commerce Dg 7 6/90 Request document »
Summary of Contemporary Bathymetry for the Columbia River Estuary Northwest Cartograph Pr 200 12 3 c. 9/80 Request document »
Summary of Bills Passed During the 64th Legislative Session League of Oregon Ci Lor 100 40 8/87 Request document »
Summary of Air Pollution Control Program WA Dept of Ecology Lwa 100 7 1974 Request document »
Suisun Marsh Protection Plan San Fran Bay Conserv Pu 1 12/76 Request document »
Suislaw River Dredged Material Disposal Plan Wilsey and Ham Por 400 3 11/78 Request document »
Suislaw Estuary Land Use Plan Recommendations Pacific Planning Ass Por 200 71 12/74 Request document »
Suislaw Estuary Entrance: A Dredge Scheduling Analysis - Summary Document Montagne-Bierly Asso Dd 23 1978 Request document »
Suislaw Estuary Entrance: A Dredge Scheduling Analysis Montagne-Bierly Asso Dd 24 1978 Request document »
Suggestions for Stream Bank Revegetation in Western Washington Juelson, Thomas Ew 300 6 2/80 Request document »
Substrate Associated Recruitment of Juvenile Sebastes in Artificial Reef and Natural Habitats in Puget Sound and the San Juan Acrchipelago,WA Buckley Rg 200 53 Request document »
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Initiative and - Photosynthetically Active Radiation St. Johns River Wtr.
et al
Rv 23 1993 Request document »
Submerged and Submersible Lands of Oregon State Land Board Lor 100 5 9/72 Request document »
Subdivision Regulatins of 1969, Ordinance No. 69-8 Clatsop County Lor 200 2 Request document »
Style Guide CREDDP Pg 13 Request document »
Stwardship Incentives: Conservation strategies for Oregon's Working Landscape Vickerman, Sara
Defenders of Wildlife
Rs 6 Request document »
Study to Define the Migrational Characteristics of Chinook and Coho Salmon and S Dawley, Earl M
et al
Rf 100 41 1978 Request document »
Study of the Intertidal Vegetation of the Columbian River Estuary Thomas, Duncan Rv 7 1980 Request document »
Study of the Intertidal Vegetation of the Columbia River Estuary Thomas, Duncan W. Pr 200 78 7-9/80 Request document »
Study of Sediments From Bellingham Harbor as Related to Marine Disposal Servizi, James A Dd 20 1971 Request document »
Study of Maritime Container Handling McDowell, Edward
et al
Dp 33 1985 Request document »
Study of Dredged Material Rehandling Sites, Channel Deepening Feasibility Study - Fish Sampling Fishman Environmenta
Dd 109 9/96 Request document »
Study of Benthic Baseline Assemblages in the MCR Disposal Site Area Richardson, Michael
et al
Dd 13 1976 Request document »
Studies to Control Shoaling of The Navigation Channel: Lower Columbia River Beeman,
Ogden & Associates
Dd 85 Request document »
Studies of Sediment Transport in the Columbia River Estuary Hubbell, D W
et al
Eg 12 1971 Request document »
Studies of Juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Humptulips River, WA Wright, Sam
et al
Rf 200 56 1973 Request document »
Studies of Dredged Material Reandling sites, Channel Deepening Feasibility Study - Benthic Intertebrate & Sediment Report Fishman Environmenta
Dd 110 12/96 Request document »


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