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Seven Pillars of Ecosystem Management Lackey Mg 34 b 1998 Request document »
Sensitivity of Coastal Environments to Spilled Oil: Southern California Pavia, Robert
Ernst, William D
De 300 17 1/82 Request document »
Sensitive Areas Ordinance - Ordinance No. 9614 King County, WA Lwa 200 2 9/90 Request document »
Senate Bill 570 (engrossed) OR Legislative Assem Lor 100 18 1977 Request document »
Senate Bill 203 (engrossed) OR Legislative Assem Lor 100 19 6/77 Request document »
Seminar Proceeding: Topics in Ocean Engineering OSU Dg 1 1971 Request document »
Selected Sea Grant Advisory Publications for the Fishing Industry Pac Sea Grant Adv B 3 1979 Request document »
Selected Economic Aspects of the Commercial/Recreational Allocation of Will Rf 100 131 Request document »
Selected Bibliography of the Life Requirements of Colonial Nesting Waterbirds an Landin, Mary C B 5 9/78 Request document »
Selected Annotated Bibliography on Water Resources of the State of Washington Dept of Interior B 27 1973 Request document »
Select Area Fishery Evaluation Project - 1997-2000 Annual Reports WDFW-ODFW
Por 300 24 Dec-02 Request document »
Sedimet Movement of the Contintental Shelf Near Washington and Oregon Gross, Grant
Nelson, Jack L
Oc 6 11/66 Request document »
Sediments, Beach Morphology and Sea Cliff Erosion within an Oregon Coast Littora Shyuer-Ming, Shih
Komar, Paul
Mn 15 1993 Request document »
Sediments of the Necanicum Estuary Rq 100 22 Request document »
Sedimentological Study of the Columbia River Estuary Dept of Oceanography Pr 200 105 1/81 Request document »
Sedimentation - Plate 2 DEQ Mc 33 Aug-78 Request document »
Sedimentary Response to Hydrography in an Oregon Estuary Kulm, Byrne At 115 Feb-66 Request document »
Sedimentary Processes and Environments in the Columbia River Estuary CREDDP
Pr 200 36 2cop Request document »
Sediment Transport and Diffusion: Columbia Estuary and Entrance Lockett, J B Eg 9 Request document »
Sediment Toxicity in U.S. Coastal Waters Turgeon, Hameedi, Harmon, Long, McMahon, White Og 20 Apr-98 Request document »
Sediment Sources and Dispersal Patterns of OR Continental Shelf Sands Scheidegger, Kulm, Runge At 111 Dec-71 Request document »
Sediment Sampling & Analysis Plan for the Port of Astoria East Boat Basin N. Breakwater Repair Phase II Sherman, Tim Por306 31 Apr-99 Request document »
Sediment Particle Size Study of the Port of Astoria Hinderman, Gary Eg 3 1975 Request document »
Sediment Hydraulics of Richardson Bay Williams, Philip &
Eg 28 Request document »
Sediment and Sediment Transport CREST Inventory Eg 1 1977 Request document »
Sediment and Faunal Analysis for the Area between the West End Mooring Basin and Muehlberg, G. E.
Newhouse, Susan
Rq 100 5 3/87 Request document »
Section 402 Handbook - Guidelines for Screening for Nat'l Pollutant Discharge El USFWS Lf 100 62 9/84 Request document »
Seattle's Waterfront: The Walker's Guide to the History of Elliott Bay Hershman, Marc J
et al
Pwa 200 11 1982 Request document »
Seasonality of River Use: Columbia and Lower Snake River Dams Pac NW River Basins Pr 100 10 1975 Request document »
Seasonal Variation in Uptake and Depuration of Anthracene by the Brackish Water Jovanovich, M C
Marion, K R
Eb 63 1987 Request document »
Seasonal Shoaling Patterns on the Columbia River Bar Metcalfe, Philip Eg 11 1977 Request document »
Seasonal Fluctuations in Coastal Benthic Invertebrate Assemblages Maurer, Don
et al
Oc 11 1979 Request document »
Seasonal Changes in Community Structure of Benthic Infauna at Six Stations in th Wilson, Stephanie L
et al
Pr 200 53 12/82 Request document »
Seaports as Public Enterprises: Some Policy Implications Price, Willard Dp 32 4/82 Request document »
Seagrass Science and Policy in the Pacific Northwest - Proceedings of a Seminar Series EPA Rv 25 3/94 Request document »
Seagrass and Aquatic Habitat Assessment Workshop Summary USGS Rv 40 Jul-98 Request document »
Seafloor Mapping Survey, Proposed Deepwater Disposal Site - Offshore Columbia River, OR Parametrix, Inc. Dd 126 Feb-01 Request document »
Seabirds and Oil Spills Dept of the Interior Rg 200 9 Request document »
Sea-Cliff Erosion Along the Oregon Coast Kromar, Paul D.
Shih, Shuyer-Ming
Por 200 86 6/91 Request document »
Sea Otters and Shellfish Fisheries in California: The Management Framework, Soci Cicin-Sain, Biliana
et al
Rf 100 109 1982 Request document »
Sea Level Rise Policy Alternatives Study: vol. 1 - Alternative Policy Responses for Accelerated Sea Level Rise Klarin, Paul N.
et al
Ol 4 vol 1 6/90 Request document »
Sea Level Rise Policy Alternatives Study: vol 2 - An Analytical Review of State and Federal Coastal Management Klarin, Paul N.
et al
Ol 4 vol 2 6/90 Request document »
Sea Grant in California Promoting Coastal Ocean Science and Education CA Sea Grant College Og 1 1993 Request document »
Sea Grant Abstracts-Publications from the Nation's Sea Grant Programs Sea Grant Mg 33 1998 Request document »
Screening Survey of Carbaryl and 1-naphthol Concent. in Willapa Bay Sediments WA DOE Eg 32 5/99 Request document »
Screening Survey for Chemical Contaminants and Toxicity in Sediments - at 5 L. Columbia River Ports Johnson, Art
Norton, Dale
Rw 200 60 Dec-88 Request document »
Screening Assessment and Requirements for a Comprehensive Assessment/Col. River Dept. of Energy Pa 25 4/97 Request document »
Screening Assessment and Requirements for a Comprehensive Assessment - Impact Assessment Pacific NW Nat. Lab Pa 23 3/98 Request document »
Screening Analysis: A Summary Pr 100 54 Request document »
Scientific and Technical Basis for the Mitigation Provisions in Statewide Estuar Gonor, J J Em 1 3/79 Request document »
Science-Based Restoration Monitoring of Coastal Habitats - Vol. 2: tools for monitoring Coastal Habitates Thayer, Gordon
McTigue, Teresa
Pm 55 Apr-05 Request document »
Science, Politics, and Fishing: A Series of Lectures Krant, Naomi, ed Rf 100 85 1981 Request document »
Science Review and Data Analysis for Tidal Wetlands of the Oregon Coast Adamus, Ph.D. Paul Rw 300 18a Aug-06 Request document »
Schools and Community: Partners in Change N Coast Ed Consortiu Me 17 Request document »
Savvy Salmon Technorat, The: Life's Little Rules Lackey, Robert RF 100 170 Sep-99 Request document »
Saving Oiled Seabirds Internat'l Bird Resc Rg 200 15 1/78 Request document »
Sand/Gravel/Riprap Colonization Study - Final Report to Port of Seattle Parametrix, Inc Rg 200 38 6/85 Request document »
Sand Removal Planning and Managemet Consideration for the Oregon Coast Lindberg, Carl A Por 200 47 6/79 Request document »
San Francisco Bay Use and Protection' Kockelman, W J
et al
Pu 20 1982 Request document »
San Francisco Bay Plan Supplement SF Bay Cons/Dev Comm Pu 8 1/79 Request document »
San Francisco Bay Plan SF Bay Conservation
& Devo. Commission
Pu 27 2 cop. 7/79 Request document »
San Francisco Bay Area Regional Energy Plan - Phase I Report Assn of Bay Area Gov De 100 25 2/80 Request document »
San Francisco Bay and Delta Hydraulic Model Ep 16 Request document »
Sampling Primary Productivity in Surf Zones and Other Marine Waters Sayce, Kathleen Os 37 11/95 Request document »
Sampling Amphibians in Lentic Habitats Olson, Deanna H.
Leonard, William P.
Rg 100 26 Mar-97 Request document »
Sampling & Analysis Plan for Dredge Material Characterization - WA N. Tongue Pt./Astoria Hart Crowser, Inc. Dd 132 May-03 Request document »
Salt, Brackish and Fresh Water Plankton Kujala, Norman F Eb 1972 Request document »
Salt Marsh Vegetation - Examples from the Tijuana Estuary Zedler, Joy B Ew 58 Request document »
Salt Marsh Restoration - A Guidebook for Souther California Zedler, Joy B Ew 62 1984 Request document »
Salt Marsh Reestablishment Following Dike Breaching in the Salmon River Estuary Mitchell, Diane L Ew 34 1981 Request document »
Salt Flux and Mixing Processes in the Columbia River Estuary During High Dischar Hughes, F W Ep 18 1968 Request document »
Salmonid Ecosystems of the North Pacific McNeil, W J
Himsworth, Daniel C
Rf 200 47 1980 Request document »
Salmon River Project: Annual Progress Report, 1979 Mullen, Robert E Rf 100 73 1979 Request document »
Salmon River Marsh Restoration Frenkel, Robert
Morlan, Janet
Ew 200 5 2/90 Request document »
Salmon Ranching in Oregon: State and Federal Regulations Hornstein, Don Rf 100 152 1/80 Request document »
Salmon Policy: Science, Society, Restoration, and Reality Lackey Rf 100 168 a 1999 Request document »
Salmon Policy: Science, Society, Restoration, and Reality Lackey Rf 100 168 b 1999 Request document »
Salmon Law & History: Sources & Analysis Blumm, Michael
F. Lorraine Bodi
Mh 24 1994 Request document »
Salmon Fishers Of The Columbia Smith, Courtland Mh 20 1979 Request document »
Salmon Fishers of the Columbia Smith, Courtland L Mh 8 1979 Request document »
Salmon Fisher: Native Life on the Columbia at the Time of Lewis and Clark Tabb, Joan
Hoffman, Liz
Mh 13 1982 Request document »
Salmon Enhancement in British Columbia Elverum, Ken Rf 100 49 3/81 Request document »
Salmon broodstock Maturation: Proceedings of Workshops Held at Seattle, Washingt Sea Grant Rf 200 72 1981 Request document »
Salmon & Steelhead Production Plan: Grays River Subbasin WA Dept. of Fisherie Rf 100 139 9/90 Request document »
Salmon & Steelhead Production Plan: Elochoman River Subbasin WA Dept. of Fisherie Rf 100 144 9/90 Request document »
Salinity, Temperature and Current Measurements at Tansy Point in the Columbia Ri Benad, Marcia L Ech 1 1978 Request document »
Salem Riverfront Master Plan Sedway Cooke Associa Dp 40 9/85 Request document »
Sailing the Shoals of Adaptive Mgt: The case of Salmon in the Pacific NW Smith, Courtland
Mrakovcich, Karina
Pc 68 1998 Request document »
Sagebrush Rebellion Wilson, Susan Por 100 6 Request document »
Rules and Regulations for the management of Mineral Resources by the Department WA Dept of Nat Resou Lwa 100 15 Request document »
Rooted Vascular Aquatic Vegetation Mapping in Willapa Bay Washington - Final Report CREST Rv 39 1996 Request document »
Rookery Bay Land Use Studies Conservation Founda Pu 10 Request document »
Role of the Columbia/Snake Navigation System in Intermodal Ocean Transportation Jones, James R Dt 12 2/80 Request document »
Role of the Bonneville Power Administration in the Pacific Northwest Power Suppl US Dept of Energy De 100 14 12/80 Request document »
Rockfish: A Focus for Research? California Sea Grant Rf 100 116 4/86 Request document »
Roberts Bank Port Expansion: Report of the Environmental Assessment Panel Fed Env Assessment Dp 18 3/79 Request document »
River Within Us Norris, Ruth; ed. Mc 11 1978 Request document »
River Temperature Dynamics in the Sacramento River - Measurement & Modeling Lowney, Cynthia L. Rw 200 23 Jun-05 Request document »
River Quality Assessment: Implications of a Prototype Project Rickert, David A
Hines, Walter G
Rw 200 12 6/78 Request document »
River Quality Assessment of the Willamette River Basin, Oregon Rw 200 19 Request document »


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