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Regionalism, The Shadow Behind Oregon's LDCD Spenner, Joe Por 100 15 1981 Request document »
Regional Surface Wind Model for Mountainous Coastal Areas Overland, James E
et al
Mw 2 6/79 Request document »
Regional Problem Solving Phase 11 - Clatsop Plains & City of Gearhart - Land Use Inventory & Analysis Kenneth S. Kato
Por 302 35 Sep-98 Request document »
Regional Ocean Resources Management Hildreth, Richard G. Mc 13 7/91 Request document »
Regional Governmental Arrangements in Metropolitan Areas: Nine Case Studies Hein, C J
et al
Mg 2 1974 Request document »
Regional Fishery Management Councils: Interim Regulations Dept of Commerce Lf 100 13 7/77 Request document »
Regional Conservation and Electric Power Plan NW Power Planning Co De 100 30 1983 Request document »
Regional comparision of Species Distribution, Abundance, Size and Other Characte Northcote, T G
et al
Rf 300 30 10/78 Request document »
Region 10 Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan Reg. Response Team Pa 19 Request document »
Region 10 In-Stream Biological Monitoring Handbook Hayslip, Gretchen Mm 11 Jul-93 Request document »
References for Radioactive Releases to the Columbia River from Hanford Operation Hall, R. B. Mr 12 11/91 Request document »
Reference Handbook Water Resources Coun Pm 10 1980 Request document »
Reduced Rates of Primary Production in the CRE Following the Eruption of Mt St H Frey, Bruce E
et al
Eb 60 1983 Request document »
Redoximorphic Features for Identifying Aquic Conditions Vepraskas, Michael J. Rw 300 19 Dec-99 Request document »
Recurrence Intervals for Great Earthquakes of the Past 3,500 Years at NE Willapa Atwater, Brian
Eileen Hemphill-Hale
Mn 18 1997 Request document »
Recreational Diving in the State of WA and the Associated Harvest of Food Fish a WA Dept of Fisheries Rf 100 68 8/84 Request document »
Recreational Boating on the Lower Columbia River Cassell, Jodi Pr 100 57 9/91 Request document »
Recreational Boating on the Lower Columbia River - Demand Analysis and Preliminary Planning for Public Moorage OR Marine Board
OSU Sea Grant
Dm 31 6/91 Request document »
Recreational Boating in Western Oregon Vars, Jr. Charles R Dm 9 1979 Request document »
Recreational Angling from Piers, Docks, and Jetties in Puget Sound, Washington D Bargmann, Gregory G Rf 300 34 10/82 Request document »
Recreation: Marine Promise Anderson, Susan Dm 33 Oct-75 Request document »
Recreation - CREST Inventory CREST
Blanchard, Robert E
Dm 7 1977 Request document »
Recovery Plan for the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly Opler, Rg 200 52 Dec-99 Request document »
Recovery of the Macrobenthos at a Dredge Site in Yaquina Bay, Oregon Swartz, R C
et al
Dd 46 1980 Request document »
Record of Decision - Standards and Guidelines US Dept of Agricult Rg 200 46a 4/94 Request document »
Reconnaissance Survey of Vegetation and Micro-fluvial Features at the Astoria Ai Jackson, PhD., Phil
et al
Por 306 28 8/85 Request document »
Reconnaissance Survey of the Lower Columbia River: Task 2 Data Analysis Report: - Inventory and Characterization of Pollutants Tetra Tech
Pr 200 89 4/92 Request document »
Reconnaissance Survey of the Lower Columbia River Task 6: Draft Reconnaissance R Tetra Tech LP Pr 200 83 5/92 Request document »
Reconnaissance Level Benthic Infaunal, Sediment, and Fish Study Siipola, Mark D
Ec 30 8/94 Request document »
Recommendations for the Upgrading of the Federal Maritime Administration's Cathl Port of Portland Com Por 302 19 6/65 Request document »
Recommendations for the Snohomish River Basin Interim Snohomish Ba Pwa 400 9 12/75 Request document »
Recommendations for Fish and Wildlife Program Under the Pacific Northwest Electr NW Power Planning Co Rg 100 10 v1-4 1982 Request document »
Recommendations for Comprehensive Land Use Planning and Flood Control for Snomis Off. of Env. Mediati Rw 100 17 Request document »
Recommendations for a Nonregulatory Wetland Restoration Program for OR Good, James W.
Sawyer, Calvin B.
Rw 100 36.1 Jun-05 Request document »
Recommendations for a Nonregulatory Wetland Restoration Program for OR - Good, James W. Sawyer, Calvin B. Rw 100 36 Jun-05 Request document »
Recognizing Wetlands and Wetland Indicator Plants on Forest Lands Bigley, Hull Ew 99 Jan-93 Request document »
Recent Federal Policies Affecting Marine Science and Engineering Development Dillon, Enoch L Lf 200 5 1971 Request document »
Recent Developments in Oregon Land Use Planning Law Sherton, Corinne C Lor 100 26 6/79 Request document »
Recent Case Law and Legislation on the Use of Washington Beaches Johnson, Ralph
Farcy, Sid
Lwa 100 10 1975 Request document »
Real Beneficiaries of Federal Dredging Garrett, Power
et al
Dd 74 Request document »
Reach Inventory: Columbia River Mouth to McNary Dam Corps of Engineers Pr 100 13 1977 Request document »
Razor Clam Fisheries and Status of the Razor Clam Stocks 6/95 - 5/97 Ayres, Dan L.
Donald D. Simons
Pwa 400 23 3/99 Request document »
Rate of Sedimentation and its Role in Nutrient Cycling in a Louisiana Salt Marsh DeLaune, R D
Patrick, Jr., W H
Eg 25 1980 Request document »
Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals of Oregon Oregon Natural Herit Por 100 31 d Request document »
Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals of Oregon Oregon Natural Herit Por 100 30 1c 5/91 Request document »
Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals of Oregon Oregon Natural Herit Por 100 30b Feb-01 Request document »
Raising Coho Salmon from Fry to Smolts in Estuarine Pens, and Returns of Adults Heard, William R
Crone, Richard A
Rf 100 17 10/76 Request document »
Rainfall Frequency Atlas of the United States for Durations from 30 Minutes to 2 Hershfield, David M LP Mw 1 5/61 Request document »
Radionulides in Transport in the Columibia River From Pasco to Vancouver, Washin Haushild, W L
et al
Mr 8 1973 Request document »
Radionuclide Transport in the Pasco to Vancouver, Washington Reach of the Columb Haushild, W L
et al
Mr 5 1966 Request document »
Radioactivity of Three Freshwater Molluscs of the Tidal Columbia River and Their Cory, R L
et al
Mr 9 1970 Request document »
Radioactive Contamination of Fish, Shellfish and Waterfowl Exposed to Hanford Ef Hanf, R. W.
et al
Mr 13 4/92 Request document »
Questions of Balance: Columbia River Basin Anadromous Salmon and Steelhead - Hyd NW Resource Info Cen Rf 100 90 3/82 Request document »
Questionnaire Survey of Spada Lake Anglers 1995 Wash. DF&W Rf 300 104 12/98 Request document »
Question of Balance: Water/Energy - Salmon and Steelhead Production in the Upper NW Resource Informat Rf 200 60 1978 Request document »
Quaternary sedimentation on the tectonically active Oregon continental slope Kulm, Scheidegger At 116 Aug-79 Request document »
Quaternary Geologic Investig of Continental Shelf Offshore S. WA & N. OR Wolf
Eg 34 1997 Request document »
Quarterly Report CREDDP Pr 200 10 6/80 Request document »
Quarterly Business Review State of Washington Pwa 100 4 7/79 Request document »
Quantitative Studies of Salt Marsh Faunas from the North American Pacific Coast MacDonald, Keith B Eb 35 1960 Request document »
Quantification of Petrolium Hydrocarbons in Selected Tissues of Male Mallard Duc Lawler, George
et al
Rg 200 12 6/78 Request document »
Quantification of National Marine Fisheries Service Habitat Conservation Efforts Lindall, Jr., Willia
Thayer, Gordon W
Pu 18 Request document »
Quality of Bottom Material and Elutrites in the Lower Willamette River, Portland Fuhrer, Gregory J. Rq 100 10 1989 Request document »
Quality Criteria for Water 1986 EPA Pm 39 May-86 Request document »
Quality Assurance for the Chesapeake Bay Program EPA Pg 28 Request document »
Purse Seining for Juvenile Salmon and Trout in the Columbia River Estuary Johnson, Richard C
Sims, Carl W
Rf 200 30 4/73 Request document »
Purse Seine for Sampling Juvenile Salmonids Durkin, Joseph T
Park, Donn L
Rf 100 52 1/67 Request document »
Pumped-Storage Inventory of the Pacific Northwest Corps of Engineers De 100 10 2copi 1/76 Request document »
Puget Sound Groundfish Management Plan Plasson Northrup
Rf 300 108 12/98 Request document »
Puget Sound Groundfish Management Plan WA. Dept. of F&W RF 300 115 12/98 Request document »
Puget Sound Ground Fish Management Plan Palsson, Northrup
Rf 100 166 7/98 Request document »
Puget Sound Estuary Program - Puget Sound Protocols Tetra Tech, Inc Rq 100 8 3/86 Request document »
Puget Sound Coal Export Opportunities and Issues CH2M Hill De 100 26 2/82 Request document »
Puget Sound Artificial Reef Study Walton, James M Rf 100 24 9/79 Request document »
Puget Sound and the Pipe WA Dept of Ecology De 200 15 11/83 Request document »
Publication Index and Retrieval System Herner and Company B 11 4/80 Request document »
Public's View of Environmental Problems in the State of Oregon Harris & Assoc, Inc Por 100 46 3/70 Request document »
Public Trust Rights Althaus, Helen F Lf 200 7 11/78 Request document »
Public Trust Doctrine, Instream Flows and Resources California Water Pol Rw 300 3 3/80 Request document »
Public Trust Doctrine in WA State: Proceedings of the Symposium Canning, Douglas J
Scott, James
Lwa 100 34 7/93 Request document »
Public Trust Doctrine and Coastal Zone Management in Washington State WA DOE Lwa 100 35 10/91 Request document »
Public Support for Coastal Zone Management Programs: The Implementation of the C Dept of Commerce
Pc 24 6/78 Request document »
Public Review Workbook on the Draft Management Program for the Fraser River Estu Fraser River Estuary Ec 12 1981 Request document »
Public Review Draft: Columbian White-tailed Deer Biological Status Assessment OR DOF&W Rg 200 47 07/95 Request document »
Public Opinion and Interest Group Positions on Chesapeake bay Issues: Implicatio Florestano, Patricia
Rathburn, Patricia A
Ec 17 Request document »
Public Law 100-4 100th Congress Lf 100 76 2/87 Request document »
Public Involvement in Maritime Facility Development Dp 3 1979 Request document »
Public Hearing on Proposed Shoreline Master Program Pacific County Regio Pwa 301 2 2/74 Request document »
Public Attitude Survey for Youngs Bay - Astoria Management Unit McKinney, Dana Por 301 24 1977 Request document »
Providing Environmental Compatibility: Sound Regulatory Requirements or Intellec Rogers, James A Rw 200 25 Request document »
Prototype Machine for the Removal of Sediment from Gravel Streambeds Bates, Ken P.E.
Johnson, Ray
Dd 83 Request document »
Protocols for Monitoring Habitat Restoration Proj. in the L. Columbia River & Estuary USDOE Rw 100 35 Apr-08 Request document »
Protein Yields From Wetlands Turner, R. Eugene Ew 69 Request document »
Protecting the Best of Oregon - 2010 Plan Phase I, 1993-1999 Por 100 31 3/92 Request document »
Protecting Stream and River Corridors - Creating Effective Local Riparian Buffer Ordinances Wenger, Seth
Fowler, Laurie
Rw 100 34 Apr-00 Request document »
Protecting Oregon Waters - A User Guide, Practical Solutions for Boaters Oregon Sea Grant
OR State Marine Bd.
Dm 29 1996 Request document »
Protecting Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Puget Sound Puget Sound Water Qu Pwa 200 38 3/90 Request document »
Protecting Estuaries and Coastal Wetlands through State Coastal Zone Mgt. Programs Good James W.
John W. Weber
Pwa 200 44 Dec-98 Request document »
Prospects and Strategies for New England Ports New England River Ba Dp 22 9/81 Request document »
Proprietary Laws Administered by Department of Natural Resources Dept of Natural Reso Lwa 100 14 1977 Request document »


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