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Private Salmon Hatcheries in Oregon Cummings, R Edwin Rf 100 14 1/79 Request document »
Private Salmon Hatcheries in Oregon Cummings, T Edwin Rf 100 82 9/85 Request document »
Private Salmon Hatcheries In Oregon 1985 Cummings, T. Edwin Por 200 88 11/86 Request document »
Late Tertiary and Quaternary Elphidiums of the West Coast of North America Cushman, Grant At Mu18 1927 Request document »
Tertiar Foraminifera from Humboldt county, CA Cushman, Stewart At Mu13 Request document »
Shallow-Water Foraminifera from the Channel Island of Southern California Cushman, Valentine At Mu17 Feb-30 Request document »
Comprehensive Study of Successional Patterns of Plants and Animals at Upland Dis CZ Resources Corp Dd 53 3/77 Request document »
Wetlands - Losses in the United States 1780's to 1980's Dahl, T.E. Ew 91 1990 Request document »
Wetlands Status and Trends in the Conterminous United States mid-1970s to mid 80 Dahl, Thomas E.
Johnson, Craig E.
Ew 400 4 1991 Request document »
Some Salmon Statistics: Aggregate Pack for the Presant Season: Figures From Form Daily Astorian Rf 300 15 8/87 Request document »
Design and Construction manual for Residential Buildings in Coastal High Hazard Dames & Moore Dg 3 1/81 Request document »
Program for Expanding Salmon Rearing Pond Facilities Dames and Moore Rf 100 78 12/77 Request document »
Epibenthic Invertebrates of the Columbia River Estuary Dames and Moore Pr 200 102 2.7 1/81 Request document »
Coastline Mapping and Identification of Erosion Hazard Areas in Pacific County Daniels
Os 39 1998 Request document »
Washington Coastal Geodetic Control Network: Report and Station Index Daniels, et al Pc 66 10/99 Request document »
Intensity and Frequency of Severe Storms in the Gulf of Alaska Danielsen, Edwin F
et at
Mw 4 1957 Request document »
Skipanon West Bank Port Facility Dant and Russell,Inc Por 304 12 1982 Request document »
Coastal Management Aspects of OCS Oil and Gas Developments Daroe, E. T.
Stang, P. R.
De 200 28 1/75 Request document »
Native Willow Varieties for the Pacific Northwest Darris, Dale C. Rv 45 Jun-93 Request document »
2000 Green River Juvenile Salmonid Production Evaluation Dave Seiler
Greg Vokhardt
Rf 300 134 Apr-02 Request document »
Diel Activity of Two Amphipods in the Columbia River Estuary Davis, John S.
Holton, Robert L.
Eb 16 4/76 Request document »
Land Inventory and Monitoring Memorandum-3 Davis, R M Rs 2 10/75 Request document »
Oil Spill Cleanup, T/S Mobil at Columbia River Mile 88 Davis, Stephen H. De 300 15 1984 Request document »
Columbia White-tailed Deer Status and Potential on Off Refuge Habitat Davison, Michael A. Rg 200 43 9/79 Request document »
Study to Define the Migrational Characteristics of Chinook and Coho Salmon and S Dawley, Earl M
et al
Rf 100 41 1978 Request document »
Effects of 1985-86 Levels of Dissolved Gas on Salmonids in the Columbia River Dawley, Earl M. Rf 200 98 Request document »
Beach and Purse Seine Sampling of Juvenile Salmonids-Volume 1 - in the Columbia River Estuary and Ocean Plume, 1977-1983 Dawley, Earl M.
Ledgerwood, Richard D.
Rf 200 164 Feb-85 Request document »
Migrational Characteristics and Survival of Juvenile Salmonids Entering the Col Dawley, Earl M. Rf 200 83 9/82 Request document »
Migrational Characteristics, Biological Observations, and Relative Survival of Juvenile Salmonoids Entering the Columbia River Estuary Dawley, Earl M. Rf 100 171 Apr-86 Request document »
Evaluation of Juvenile Salmonid Survival through the Second Powerhouse Turbines Dawley, Earl M.
Gilbreath, Lyle
Rf 200 116 1/88 Request document »
Changes in the Natural Mortality Rate of the SE Strait of Georgia Sac Roe Herrin Day, Dwane E. Rf 200 104 1987 Request document »
Coastal Lagoons and Estuaries, Ecosystem Approach Day, John W., Jr. Ew 48 1982 Request document »
Estuarine Ecology Day, Jr., John W.
Hall, Charles et al
Eb 65 5/88 Request document »
Black Sand Mining Project: Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Dearborn Associates Di 7 12/80 Request document »
Black Sand Mining Project: Final Environmental Impact Statement Dearborn Associates Di 10 9/81 Request document »
Oregon Wildlife Viewing Guide Defenders of Wildlif Rg 100 22 1988 Request document »
Oregon's Living Landscape: Strategies and Opportunities to Conserve Biodiversity Defenders of Wildlife Rs 7 1998 Request document »
Rate of Sedimentation and its Role in Nutrient Cycling in a Louisiana Salt Marsh DeLaune, R D
Patrick, Jr., W H
Eg 25 1980 Request document »
Wetland Laws Dennis, Freda Lf 200 20 1/82 Request document »
Carpenter's Oxygen Solubility Tables and Nomograph for Seawater as a function of Temperature and Salinity Department of Oceanography Pm 38 Mar-68 Request document »
Research Activities Oct/68-Mar/69 Department of Oceanography Pm 39 Request document »
Socio-Economics of the Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California Coho and Chinook Dept of Agricultural Rf 100 105 10/77 Request document »
Southwestern Washington River Basins Type IV Survey Dept of Agriculture Pwa 200 18 1974 Request document »
Soil Survey of Clatsop County, Oregon Dept of Agriculture Por 301 36 2/1988 Request document »
Soil Survey of Columbia County, Oregon Dept of Agriculture Por 400 17 Request document »
Water Quality Protection Guide Dept of Agriculture At 124 Nov-93 Request document »
Public Support for Coastal Zone Management Programs: The Implementation of the C Dept of Commerce
Pc 24 6/78 Request document »
State Coastal Management Programs: Development and Approval Dept of Commerce
Lf 100 27 3/78 Request document »
State Coastal Zone Management Activities 1975-1976 Dept of Commerce Pc 27 12/76 Request document »
Coastal Zone Management Program Approval Regualtions Dept of Commerce Lf 100 16 8/77 Request document »
State of Oregon Coastal Management Program - Final Environmental Impact Statement Dept of Commerce
Por 200 67 Request document »
Coastal Zone Management Program Development Grants Dept of Commerce Lf 100 43 4/77 Request document »
Coastal Zone Management: Research Study and Training Programs: Funding and Op.. Dept of Commerce Lf 100 14 7/77 Request document »
Oregon Statewide Housing Element Dept of Commerce Por 100 20 6/73 Request document »
Regional Fishery Management Councils: Interim Regulations Dept of Commerce Lf 100 13 7/77 Request document »
NOAA Regional Coastal Invormaiton Center Program Dept of Commerce Mg 19 1978 Request document »
Guide to marine Pollution Related Data Dept of Commerce Dw 9 8/91 Request document »
Coastal Energy Impact Program: Engineering and Construction Guidelines for App Dept of Commerce Lf 100 25 12/77 Request document »
Annual Report: The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 Dept of Commerce Rf 100 20 3/79 Request document »
Oil Spill Control & Hazardous Substances Incident Response Training Program Dept of Community De De 300 29 9/92 Request document »
Regulatory Program of the Corps of Engineers Dept of Defense Lf 100 18 7/77 Request document »
Groundwater Oregon's Hidden Resources Dept of Env. Quality Rw 200 27 9/82 Request document »
Fishes of Tillamook Bay Project #F-100-R Dept of Fish & Wildl Rf 100 124 1978 Request document »
Habitat Classification & Inventory Methods for the Management of Oregon Estuarie - vol. 1 Dept of Fish and Wil Por 200 76 1979 Request document »
Evaluation of Four Groundwater-Fed Side Channels of the East Fork Satsop River Dept of Fisheries Rf 100 45 1985 Request document »
Stream Enhancement Guide Dept of Fisheries an Rf 100 46 3/80 Request document »
Selected Annotated Bibliography on Water Resources of the State of Washington Dept of Interior B 27 1973 Request document »
Leasing and Management of Energy Resources on the Outer Continental Shelf Dept of Interior Lf 300 1 1976 Request document »
Oil, Gas and Sulphur Operations in Outer Continental Shelf: Revison of Oil and G Dept of Interior Lf 100 21 9/77 Request document »
Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection: Implementation of Executive Order Dept of Interior Lf 100 30 10/78 Request document »
Floodplains and Wetlands Protection Dept of Interior
Bureau of Reclamat
Lf 100 31 10/78 Request document »
Operating a Business in Washington State - Vol 1 Financial, Management and Technical Assistance Dept of Licensing Lwa 100 16a 9/79 Request document »
Operating a Business in Washington State - Vol 2 Licensing and Regulation Requirements Dept of Licensing Lwa 100 16b 9/79 Request document »
Operating a Business in Washington State - Vol 3: Resource Protection Requirements Dept of Licensing Lwa 100 16c 9/79 Request document »
Nori Farming and Processing in Washington State Dept of Natural Res Pwa 200 33 10/87 Request document »
Proprietary Laws Administered by Department of Natural Resources Dept of Natural Reso Lwa 100 14 1977 Request document »
Excerpts From Dredge Disposal Regulations Dept of Natural Reso Lwa 100 9 1975 Request document »
Sedimentological Study of the Columbia River Estuary Dept of Oceanography Pr 200 105 1/81 Request document »
Seabirds and Oil Spills Dept of the Interior Rg 200 9 Request document »
Water Resources Investigation in Oregon Dept of the Interior Rw 300 1 1977 Request document »
Waterfowl Identification Dept of the Interior
Rg 200 36 Request document »
Proceedings of the National Symposium on Freshwater Inflow to Estuaries Dept of the Interior Eb 49 2 copies 1982 Request document »
Proceedings of the National Wetland Protection Symposium Dept of the Interior Ew 14 11/78 Request document »
Rights-of-Way: General Provisions Dept of the Interior Lf 100 19 8/77 Request document »
Policies, Practices, and Responsibilities for Safety and Environmental Protectio Dept of the Interior De 200 18 6/77 Request document »
Report on Natural and Free-Flowing Rivers in the Northwestern United States Dept of the Interior Pr 100 29 8/80 Request document »
Regulations Pertaining to Mineral Leasing, Operations, and Pipelines on the Oute Dept of the Interior Lf 100 37 12/76 Request document »
Wetlands of the United States Dept of the Interior
Fish and Wildlife Se
Ew 12 1971 Request document »
Federal Aviation Regulations Dept of Transporta Lf 100 78 Request document »
South Unit, Astoria-Camp Rilea Section, Oregon Coast Highway (US 101)Clatsop Cou Dept of Transportati Por 302 21 1976 Request document »
Compliance with the NEPA, 1969: Use of Channel Modification as a Means of Water Dept. of Agriculture Lf 100 15 8/77 Request document »
Coastal Facility Guidelines: A Methodology for Development with Environmental... Dept. of Commerce Pg 16 8/76 Request document »
Coastal Energy Impact Program: Administrative Procedures Dept. of Commerce Lf 100 26 2/78 Request document »
Coastal Energy Impact Program: An Evaluation Dept. of Commerce Lf 100 53 Request document »
Coastal Energy Impact Program:Assessements and Environmental Guidelines for... Dept. of Commerce Lf 100 20 9/77 Request document »
Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments of 1976 Facts on Rural Development Res... Dept. of Commerce Lf 100 41a Request document »
Federal Register - Part II Dept. of Defense Lf 100 81 7/82 Request document »
Screening Assessment and Requirements for a Comprehensive Assessment/Col. River Dept. of Energy Pa 25 4/97 Request document »
Guide to Pacific Northwest Aquatic Invertebrates Dept. of Env. Qualit
Oregon Trout
Ec 37 1996 Request document »
Elevated Water Temperatures DEQ Mc 36 Aug-78 Request document »


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