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Laboratory Study of the Turbidity Generation Potential of Sediments to be Dredge Wechsler, Barry A
Cogley, David R
Eg 22 11/77 Request document »
Svensen Island Real Estate Appraisal Report Weed & Assoc. Por 307 4 9/84 Request document »
Tidelands, Diking, Productiveness, Stock, Raising, Etc. fr. Weekly Astorian - August 4, 1888 as transcribed by Virginia Beemer of Astoria Weekly Astorian Por 301 53 1888 Request document »
Protecting Stream and River Corridors - Creating Effective Local Riparian Buffer Ordinances Wenger, Seth
Fowler, Laurie
Rw 100 34 Apr-00 Request document »
Wetlands Values and Management Wentz, W Alan Ew 59 Request document »
Observations on the Reproductive Ecology of the Great Blue Heron in Western Oreg Werschukul, David
et al
Rg 200 3 1977 Request document »
The Reporter's Environmental Handbook West, Bernadette
Sandman, Peter
Me 21 1995 Request document »
Toxic Contaminants in Marine and Anadromous Fishes from Puget Sound, WA - Results of the Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program Fish Component 1989-1999 West, James
On'Neill, Sandra
Rf 200 `69 Aug-01 Request document »
The Reporters Environmental Handbook West, Sandman,Greenburg Me21 Oct-95 Request document »
City of Warrenton: Sanitary Sewerage System Facilities Planning Report Westech Engineering Por 304 16 4/83 Request document »
Phytoplankton Photosynthesis and its Relationship to Oxygen in Grays Harbor, WA Westley, Ronald E Eb 9 1967 Request document »
Methology for Assessing Onshore Impacts for Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Weston, Roy F. De 200 27 a & b 7/78 Request document »
Migrations of Starry Flounder (Platichthys Stellatus) Tagged in the Columbia Riv Westrheim, Siguard Rf 100 3 1955 Request document »
Field Guide for Wetland Delineation - 1987 Corps of Engineers Manual Wetland Training Institute Rw 300 22 1987 Request document »
Intertidal Log Raft Storage Impacts in Coos Bay, Oregon Weyerhaeuser Co Rt 100 9 1979 Request document »
Pliocene and Miocene foraminifera from the Capistran formation, Orange County CA White At Mu21 Mar-56 Request document »
Plan of the Port of Astoria Whitham, Paul Mh 7 1912 Request document »
Influence of Suspended Volcanic Ash on Homing Behavior of Adult Chinook Salmon Whitman, Randal P
et al
Rf 200 86 1982 Request document »
A Field Guide to Seashore Life on Rocky Beaches of Oregon Whitney, Jack
Whitney, Marion
Os 34 1984 Request document »
Crisis in Oregon Estuaries: A Summary of Environmental Factors Affecting Oregon Wick, William Z. Por 200 17 Request document »
Ecology of Pacific Northwest Coastal Sand Dunes: A Community Profile Wiedemann, A. Rg 200 39 3/84 Request document »
Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes Wiedermann, Alfred M
et al
Os 19 1974 Request document »
Pacific Coast Meeting, Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Information Program: Wik, J.
Slaughter, J.
De 200 19 5/79 Request document »
Natural Hazards in Washington's Coastal Zone - Anthology of Recent Articles Wilcox, Forest W. Pwa 200 2 6/79 Request document »
Tidal Energy and Sublittoral Macrobenthic Animals in Estuaries Wildish, D J
Kristmanson, D D
Eb 32 10/79 Request document »
How Much Is Enough For 2002; A Regional Wildlife Habitat Needs Assessment for the 2002 Farm Bill Wildlife Management Institute Report Rg 200 55 Jan-01 Request document »
Fish and Wildlife of Oregon's Estuaries Wildlife Society
American Fisheries S
Sl 2 Request document »
Willapa Biological Inventory Volume 1 Vertebrate Animals & Vascular Plants - DRAFT Willapa Alliance Pwa 302 9 Jun-97 Request document »
Coasts in Crisis: US geological survey circular 1075 Williams, Dodd, Gohn Os 43 Jun-05 Request document »
Sediment Hydraulics of Richardson Bay Williams, Philip &
Eg 28 Request document »
California Coastal Salt Marsh Restoration Design Williams, Philip B.
Harvey, H. Thomas
Ew 56 Request document »
Restoring Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems on the Pacific Coast - Establishing a Research Angenda Williams, SL
Zedler, JB
Pu 26 1992 Request document »
Tongue Point: Highest and Best Use Study Williams-Kuebelbeck Por 305 11 10/81 Request document »
Dredging in Estuaries Williamson, K J
et al
Dd 105 1977 Request document »
Lumber Recovery of Douglas-Fir from the Coast & Cascade Ranges of OR & WA Willits, Susan
Fahey, Thomas
Rt 200 9 9/88 Request document »
Tillamook/Nehalem Dredged Material Disposal Plan Wilsey & Ham Dd 106 Request document »
Yaquina Bay and River Dredged Material Disposal Plan - Lincoln County, Oregon Wilsey & Ham Por 400 12 7/77 Request document »
Suislaw River Dredged Material Disposal Plan Wilsey and Ham Por 400 3 11/78 Request document »
Navigational Improvement: Mouth of Columbia River (draft) Wilsey and Ham, Inc. Dj 13 1977] Request document »
Atlas of Oregon Carex Wilson, et al Rv 34 1999 Request document »
Seasonal Changes in Community Structure of Benthic Infauna at Six Stations in th Wilson, Stephanie L
et al
Pr 200 53 12/82 Request document »
Sagebrush Rebellion Wilson, Susan Por 100 6 Request document »
Black Brant Winter & Spring-Staging at two WA Coastal Areas in Rel to Eelgrass Wilson, Ulrich W.
James Atkinson
Ew 134 2/95 Request document »
Black Brant Winter and Spring-Staging Use at Two Washington Coastal Areas in... - Relation to Eelgrass Abundance Wilson, Ulrich W.
Atkinson, James B.
Rv 27 8/95 Request document »
Progress Report: Monitoring Eelgrass Zostera marina at Willapa Bay, Washington Wilson, Ulrich W. Rv 32 10/81 Request document »
Ability of Salt Marshes to Remove Nutrients and Heavy Metals from Dredged Mater Windom, Herbert L. Ew 19 12/77 Request document »
Coastal Zone Integration of State and Local Plans Wingo, Lowdon
Fawcett, James
Pc 21 Request document »
Advanced Identification Wetlands Management Planning Winograd, Ira Ew 93 6/88 Request document »
Remote Sensing Trends in State Resources Management Wobber, Frank J Ms 7 1975 Request document »
Simulated ERTS Data for Coastal Management Wobber, J J
Anderson, R R
Ms 5 1973 Request document »
Measurement of Water Quality with the Pacific Oyster Embryo Bioassay Woelke, C E Rw 200 4 1967 Request document »
Bioassays of Pulp Mill Wastes with Oysters Woelke, Charles E. Rf 200 13 1962 Request document »
The Wash. & Oreg. Mid-Shelf Silt Deposit & Its Relation to the Late Holocene Col Wolf
Eg 33 1999 Request document »
Quaternary Geologic Investig of Continental Shelf Offshore S. WA & N. OR Wolf
Eg 34 1997 Request document »
Investigations of Late Quanternary Geologic Features in Willapa Bay Washington Wolf
Eg 35 1998 Request document »
Wetlands Wolf, Rebecca
et al
Ew 98 1986 Request document »
A National Strategy to Restore Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Wolf-Armstrong, Mark
Gudes, Scott B.
Ec 45 Apr-02 Request document »
Geology of the Grays River Quadrangle, Wahkiakum and Pacific Counties, Washingto Wolfe, Edward W.
McKee, Edwin H.
Pwa 310 13 1968 Request document »
Hearing Examiner in Washington State: A Reference Manual for local Government Wong, Mike Pwa 100 10 6/80 Request document »
Building Salt Marshes Along the Coasts of the Continental United States Woodhouse, Jr., W. Ew 21 5/79 Request document »
Local Control Over the Onshore Impacts of Offshore Energy Development in Florida Woodson, R. D.
Corbett, John
De 100 20 4/79 Request document »
Washington Public Ports Association Storm Water Permit Guide Woodward Clyde Consu Dp 34 1994 Request document »
Clatsop County Coastal Area Water Resources Plan Scope of Work Woodward-Clyde Por 301 58 6/95 Request document »
Clatsop County Coastal Area Water Resources Plan Scope of Work - Prepared for Clatsop Co. Dept. of Planning and Development Woodward-Clyde Cons. Por 301 56 6/95 Request document »
Tongue Point - Field Sampling and Analysis Report February 1999 - Final Report Woodward-Clyde Consu Dz 5 Feb-99 Request document »
Tongue Point - Finger Pier Sediments Limited Remedial Inv. July 1998 - Report Woodward-Clyde Consu Dz 3 Jul-98 Request document »
Tongue Point - Mgt Plan for Engineering September 1998 - Evaluation/Cost Analysis Woodward-Clyde Consu Dz 4 Sep-98 Request document »
Tongue Point - Mgt Plan Limited Remedial Investigation September 1995 - Phase ll Landfill Site Woodward-Clyde Consu Dz 2 Sep-95 Request document »
Tongue Point - Mgt Plan/Limited Remedial Investigation April 1995 - Finger Pier Sediments Woodward-Clyde Consu Dz 1 Apr-95 Request document »
Siting Study: Executive Summary Woodward-Clyde Consu De 100 3 12/75 Request document »
Urban Waterfront Development Wrenn, Douglas M Dp 39 1983 Request document »
Stewards of the River Wright
et al
Pr 100 1 Request document »
Studies of Juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Humptulips River, WA Wright, Sam
et al
Rf 200 56 1973 Request document »
Spartina Eradication Program - 2002 Report WSDA Rv 40 Request document »
Washington State Wetlands Idenficiation & Delineation Manual WSDOE Ew 136 Mar-97 Request document »
Clatsop County: Economic Structure, Economic Change, and Seasonal Variability in Wyatt, George L. Por 301 3 Request document »
Global Invader: The European Green Crab Yamada, Sylvia Rf 100 172 2001 Request document »
2000 Washington State Yearbook Yates, Richard
Yates, Charity
Mg 46 Jun-05 Request document »
Simple Models for Estimating the Impact of Small Embayments Upon Water Quality Yearsley, John Rw 200 30 9/80 Request document »
Youngs Bay Water Shed Assessment - E&S Environmental Chemisty, Inc. Yougs Bay Watershed Council Por 300 22 Aug-00 Request document »
Confirmatory Chemical Analyses & Solid Phase Bioassays on Sediment from Columbia Young, J.S.
et al
Rq 100 4 Request document »
Reproduction and Survival of Rainbow Trout Source of Essential Fatty Acids Yu, T C
et al
Rf 200 22 1979 Request document »
Effects of Steroid Hormones on the Growth of Juvenile Coho Salmon Yu, T. C.
et al
Rf 200 23 Request document »
Effects of Dietary W3 and W6 Fatty Acids on Growth and Feed Conversion Efficienc Yu, T. C.
Sinnhuber, R. O.
Rf 200 21 Request document »
Tidal Wetland Restoration; A Scientific Perspective and Southern California Focu Zedler, Joy Ew 200 6 1996 Request document »
Salt Marsh Restoration - A Guidebook for Souther California Zedler, Joy B Ew 62 1984 Request document »
Salt Marsh Vegetation - Examples from the Tijuana Estuary Zedler, Joy B Ew 58 Request document »
Wetlands Research Plan Zedler, Joy B.
Kentula, Mary E.
Ew 500 2 11/85 Request document »
Ecology of Southern California Coastal Salt Marshes: A Community Profile Zedler, Joy B. Eb 51 3/82 Request document »
Ecology of Tijuana Estuary: An Estuarine Profile Zedler, Joy B.
Christopher S. N.
Eb 61 6/86 Request document »
Effects of Log Raft Grounding on the Benthic Invertebrates of Coos Bay Estuary Zegars, Paul Rt 100 12 1978 Request document »
California Coal Transport Zender, Margo De 100 23 6/82 Request document »
Longshore Grain Sorting and Beach Placer Formation Adjacent to the Columbia Rvr. Zhenlin, Michael
Komar, Paul
Eg 29 1992 Request document »
Synthesis of OCS Well Information, Offshore Central and Northern California, Ore Zieglar, D L
Cassell, J K
De 200 11 4/78 Request document »
Ecotourism: The Uneasy Alliance Ziffer, Karen A Mt 1 9/89 Request document »
Proposed Polymetallic Sulfide Minerals Lease Offering - Draft EIS Zippin, Jeffery P Oc 22 12/83 Request document »


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