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Proposed Klaskanie Dam Project, Clatsop County, Oregon Clatsop Water Resour Por 302 16 1969 Request document »
Alternatives for Managing Dredged Material in New York/New Jersey Harbor Clean Ocean Action Dd 118 Jun-99 Request document »
Application of Remote Sensing Technology to the Determination of Current Pattern Clement, Bill Pwa 300 5 Request document »
Clatsop County Technical Assistance Grant Report on Agricultural Mapping Clinton, Patrick
Graves, Jon
Me 23 6/95 Request document »
Building Livable Communities Clinton-Gore Administration Pg 32 Jun-00 Request document »
Plastics in the Ocean, More than a Litter Problem Cntr for Environ Ed Dw 6 2/87 Request document »
Impact of the Six Percent Tax Base Limitation On Local Government Financing of I Cntr for Urban Studi
Por 400 27 12/90 Request document »
Net Shore-Drift: Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Pacific Counties, Washington Coastal Consultants Oc 26 9/84 Request document »
Legal and Economic Strategies for Shorelines Management: Workshop Proceedings Coastal Resources Pr Lwa 100 8 9/75 Request document »
Coping with the Coast Coastal Society Os 6 1978 Request document »
The Neawanna Watershed Atlas - A Resource for the Neawanna Creek Watershed Coastal Studies and Tech.
Seaside HS
Ew 600 7 1995 Request document »
Plan for the North Carolina Estuary Study Coastal Zone Resourc Pu 16 9/70 Request document »
Toxicity of the Herbicides 2, 4-D, DEF, Propanil and Trifluralin to the Dungenes Coaswell, Richard S
et al
Rf 200 154 1979 Request document »
Upward Bound Skipanon Watershed Testing Cochran, Peter
Ec 46 Jul-03 Request document »
Interim Columbia & Snake Rivers Flow Improvement Measures for Salmon COE Pr 100 55 10/92 Request document »
EPA/COE Technical Committee of Criteria for Dredged and Fill Material - First Annual Report COE Dd 79 3/77 Request document »
Flood Control Regulations: Regulations for Use of Storage Allocated for Flood C COE Lf 100 22 10/77 Request document »
Interim Report on 1959 Current Measurement Program Columbia River at Mouth, Oreg COE
Portland District
Ep 1 9/60 Request document »
Nehalem Wetlands Review - Summary Report COE Por 200 77 2/77 Request document »
Portland Harbor Dredging and Columbia River In-water Disposal Water Quality Inve COE Dd 30 10/79 Request document »
Lower Columbia Bank Protection: Final EIS Supplement COE Pr 200 6 8/76 Request document »
1992 Annual Fish Passage Report COE Rf 300 80 1992 Request document »
Mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon and Washington COE Mh 2 1938 Request document »
Grays Harbor, Chehalis, and Hoquiam Rivers, Washington - Channel Improvements for Navigation COE Dt 16b 1982 Request document »
Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission Inventory of Water & Related Land Stud COE Pr 200 63 Request document »
Mt. St. Helens Recovery Operations (Cowlitz County, WA, Columbia County, OR) - Final Environmental Impact Statement COE Pr 100 28 9/80 Request document »
Effects of Grays Harbor Sediments on the Osmoregulatory Ability of coho Salmon COE Pwa 320 15 Request document »
Lower Columbia River Bank Protection Hammond & Warrenton Municipaliites Oregon COE Dj 22 4/85 Request document »
Lower Columbia River Bank Protection Project, Oregon and Washington: - Final Environmental Statement COE Pr 200 2 1972 Request document »
Master Plan for Columbia River at the Mouth COE Pr 200 8 1976 Request document »
Columbia River Salmon Flow Measures 1992 COE Pr 100 56 9/91 Request document »
Navigation Development Bonneville Lock and Dam (draft supplement #1) COE Dt 17 8/85 Request document »
DRAFT Mt. St. Helens, WA Feasibility Report and EIS, vol 1 Main Report and Appen COE Pr 100 50 a,b Request document »
Navigation Development: Bonneville Lock and Dam, Oregon and Washington COE
Office Cheif Enginee
Dt 15 9/77 Request document »
Navigational Devlopment Bonneville Lock and Dam - FEIS supplement, #1 COE Dj 26 1986 Request document »
Maps of Authorized Projects COE Pr 100 8 1977 Request document »
Grays Harbor and Chehalis River Improvements to Navigation (Environmental Studie - Community Structure and Standing Stock of Epibenthic Zooplan COE Pwa 320 8 9/81 Request document »
List of Publications COE B 2 1978 Request document »
Annual Fish Passage Report - 1991 COE Rf 300 75 1991 Request document »
Mouth of the Columbia River Shallow Water Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site - Supplemental Evaluation COE Portland Dd 124 Mar-03 Request document »
Inventory Report: Columbia - North Pacific Region, Washington and Oregon COE Portland Os 22 8/71 Request document »
Levee and Drainage Modifications, Scappoose Drainage District, Columbia River, O - Final Environmental Statement COE Portland Dist Pr 200 22 2/72 Request document »
Inventory of Riparian Habitats and Associated Wildlife Along the Columbia and Sn - Summary Report vol 1 COE Portland Dist Pr 100 2 1976 Request document »
Inventory of Riparian Habitats and Associated Wildlife Along the Columbia and Snake River - Excerpts COE Portland Dist Pr 100 2 1976 Request document »
Irrigation Depletions/instream Flow Study COE Walla Walla Dist Pr 100 6 1976 Request document »
Intertidal Disposal of Dredged Materials at Depoe Bay, Oregon COE, Portland Dd 26 1978 Request document »
Interim Feasibility Report and Draft EIS: Grays Harbor, Chehalis and Hoquiam Riv - Channel Improvements for Navigation COE, Seattle Distric Pwa 400 15 6/82 Request document »
Nitrogen Studies Meeting: Conference Proceedings COE/EPA Rf 100 108 2/71 Request document »
Design for Action: Columbia River Stewardship Projects Cogan, Arnold Assoc Pa 3 6/75 Request document »
Outer Continental Shelf Policy Study for DOE - State of Washington Cogan-Sharpe-Cogan De 200 29 6/86 Request document »
Modeling the Relationship Between Biomass and Revenue in a Regional Setting with Cohen, Marc-David
Fishman, George S.
Rf 100 106 10/82 Request document »
Columbia-North Pacific Region Comprehensive Framework Study of Water and Related Col-North Pac Tech. Rw 100 4 1972 Request document »
Columbia River Basin Salmon and Steelhead Management Framework Plan Col. River Fisheries Rf 100 71 3/81 Request document »
Mgmt. Plan for the Columbia River Gorge Nat'l. Scenic Area Col. River Gorge Com Pr 100 58 Request document »
The Columbia River System Screening Analysis: A Summary Col.Rvr. SOR Pr 100 64 8/92 Request document »
Evaluation of Laws and Regulations Impacting the Land Use of Dredged Material Co Cole, James
Brainard, Michael
Lf 200 8 9/78 Request document »
Habitat Development Field Investigations Buttermilk Sound Marsh Development Site Cole, Richard A. Dd 69 7/78 Request document »
Juvenile Lingcod - Outer Harbor Field Survey, Grays Harbor Navigation Improvemen Coley, T C
et al
Dd 78 6/86 Request document »
Valuing Coastal Zone Management Colgan, Charles Pc 37 1990 Request document »
Atlas of Physical and Chemical Properties of Puget Sound and Its Approaches Collias, McGary, Barnes Ech 3 1974 Request document »
Assesment of Exposure to Aromatic Compounds in Fish from the Lower Columbia Rive Collier, Tracy
Anulacion, Bernadita
Rf 200 146 1/96 Request document »
Snake River Salmon and Steelhead Crisis: Its Relation to Dams and the National E Collins, Gerald B
et al
Rf 200 33 2/75 Request document »
Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon Run - 1981 Collins, Melvin D Rf 300 33 4/82 Request document »
Shoret Term Plan 1978, 1979, 1980 Columbia Pacific Res Pwa 200 20 3c 1/83 Request document »
Hardwood Inventory Columbia-Pacific Res Pwa 200 19 Request document »
Resource Action Program Columbia-Pacific Res Pwa 200 16 6/72 Request document »
Plan of Action, Revised Columbia-Pacific Res Pwa 200 17 1977 Request document »
Some Basin Considerations in Remote Sensing Colwell, Robert N Ms 1 Request document »
Ship Channel Capabilities for Merchant Vessels in US Deepwater Seaports Through Comm on Ship Channel Dp 31 6/70 Request document »
Better Understanding of Wetlands Benefits Will Help Water Bank and Other Federal Comp. General U.S. Ew 10 1979 Request document »
Federal Drive to Acquire Private Lands Should Be Reassessed Comptroller General Pa 6 12/79 Request document »
Feeding Patterns of Juvenile Chum in the Skagit River Salt Marsh Congleton, James L. Rf 200 44 1979 Request document »
Rookery Bay Land Use Studies Conservation Founda Pu 10 Request document »
Coastal Environmental Management: Guidelines for Conservation of Resources and Conservation Founda. Mn 4 6/80 Request document »
Physical Management of Coastal Floodplains: Guidelines for Hazards and Ecosystem Conservation Foundat Pg 6 1978 Request document »
The Rain Forests of Home: An Atlas of People and Place - Part 1: Natural Forests and Native Languages of the Coastal Conservation Inat'l.
LP Pu 37 1995 Request document »
Analysis of Energy and Non-energy Related Development Potential in the Columbia Consulting Eng., Inc De 100 34 Request document »
Coastal Oregon Riparian Silviculture Guide Coos Watershed Assoc. Rw 100 31 Dec-03 Request document »
Distribution of Fishes in Tributaries of the Lower Columbia River Copeia 1967 Rf 200 58 Request document »
Pacific NW Regional Marine Research Program: Research Inventory Copping, Andrea
Bryant, Beth
Pg 27v.2 4/93 Request document »
Pacific NW Regional Marine Research Program: Research Inventory Copping, Andrea
Bryant, Beth
Pg 27v.1 4/93 Request document »
Resolving Environmental Conflicts Thru Mediation: Experience, Process and Potent Cormick, Gerald W Pm 6 2 copies 9/78 Request document »
Park Planning in Astoria Cornell
et al
Por 305 6 1968 Request document »
Nontraditional Marine Education Activities: A Planning Guide Cornell, Elizabeth A Mg 26 Request document »
Impacts on Ben Franklin Dam: Hanford Reach Study Report Corps Pr 100 37 9/81 Request document »
Identificaiton of Relevant Criteria and Survey of Potential Application Sites - Relevant Criteria For Marsh-Island Site Selection and Their Corps Dd 61 vol 1&2 10/76 Request document »
Status of Federal Navigation Development in Portland District: US Army Corps of Corps Dt 27 8/81 Request document »
Operation and Maintenance Dredging, Coos Bay and Coos and Millicoma Rivers Navig Corps Por 200 51 1c 8/76 Request document »
Preliminary Guide to Wetlands of the West Coast States Corps Ew 15 4/78 Request document »
Dredged Material Management Plan & Supplemental EIS Apendices Corps of Engineers Dd 116 Jun-98 Request document »
List of Publications of the US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station: Vol. Corps of Engineers B 30 6/90 Request document »
Clatsop Beach Surveillance Program: Interim Report Corps of Engineers Por 302 23 2/65 Request document »
Dredged Material Research Program, Secong Annual Report Corps of Engineers Dd 25 1975 Request document »
FEIS West Hayden Island Marine Industrial Park Corps of Engineers Por 307 2 1987 Request document »
Columbia River and Tributaries Review Study Inventory of Problems and Areas of.. Corps of Engineers
North Pacific Div.
Pr 100 5 1973 Request document »
Astoria Turning Basin, Oregon: Detailed Project Report - Section 107 Study Corps of Engineers Por 306 11 3/75 Request document »
Columbia River and Tributaries Review Study Reach Inventory, Columbia River,... Corps of Engineers
North Pacific Div.
Pr 100 11 1975 Request document »
Pumped-Storage Inventory of the Pacific Northwest Corps of Engineers De 100 10 2copi 1/76 Request document »
Columbia River and Tributaries Review Study: Base System Description for Mid-80s Corps of Engineers
North Pacific Div.
Pr 100 14 1977 Request document »
Columbia River and Tributaries Review Study: Base System Description for the Mid Corps of Engineers Pr 100 12 1975 Request document »


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