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Beach Monitoring in the Columbia River Littoral Cell, 1997-2000 Ruggiero, Voigt B 38 Jul-00 Request document »
Extreme Water Levels, Wave Runup & Coastal Erosion Ruggiero, P.
Komar, P.D.
Pc 68 1996 Request document »
Coastal Morphologic Variability of High Energy Dissipative Beaches Ruggiero
Pc 63 1998 Request document »
Extreme Waves and Coastal Erosion in the Pacific Northwest Ruggiero
Pc 59 Request document »
Measuring Short to Medium-term Morphologic Variability Within the Columbia River Ruggiero
Pc 55 1999 Request document »
Financing Marine and Estuarine and Estuarine Programs: A Guide to Resources Rubin, Kenneth I
Alderson, Mark
Pm 35 9/88 Request document »
Exploring Wetlands Stewardship - A Reference Guide for Assisting Washington Landowners Rubey, Jane
Sharon O'Connor
Ew 601 Oct-96 Request document »
Investigation to Determine Sedimentary Environments Near the Entrance to the ... Roy, E. H.
Creager, J. S. et al
Eg 24 6/82 Request document »
Environmental Impact Analysis Handbook Rou, John G.
Wooten, David C. ed.
Pm 7 1980 Request document »
Oregon Freshwater Wetland Assessment Methodology Roth, Olsen,
Snow, Sumner
Ew 400 9 4/96 Request document »
Auto Parking in Marinas Ross, Neil W. Dm 20 2/86 Request document »
Trees to Know in Oregon Ross, Charles R Rv 8 8/78 Request document »
Oregon's Seafood Industry: It's Importance to Oregon's Economy - Ext Circular 96 Rompa, Wm. J.
et al
Rf 100 128 1/79 Request document »
Working Model of the Clatsop County Economy Rompa, William J Por 301 6 1979 Request document »
Homeowner's Guide to Estuarine Bulkheads Rogers, Spencer M. Jr. Pg 14 10/81 Request document »
Providing Environmental Compatibility: Sound Regulatory Requirements or Intellec Rogers, James A Rw 200 25 Request document »
Low Cost Shore Protection Rogers, Golden & Hal Os 25 1981 Request document »
Impact of Redd Loss at Vernita Bay on Hanford Reach Chinook Salmon Production Rogers, D. E.
Hilborn, R.
Rf 300 69 10/88 Request document »
Understanding the Use and Mangement of Oregon Estuaries Roberts, Ken Por 100 27 Request document »
Linkages Between the Economy and the Environment: An Analysis of Economic Growth Robert, Kenneth J
Rettig, R Bruce
Por 301 5 1975 Request document »
Hammond Facilities Plan and Environmental Assessment Robert Meyer Enginee Por 303 7 3/77 Request document »
Sources of Biological Chemical and Physical Information for the - Lower Columbia River Robert McConnell Rw 200 46 Oct-90 Request document »
Mathematical Modeling of Circulation in Baker Bay, Washington/Oregon Roberson, John A
et al
Pwa 300 1 9/80 Request document »
Water Quality Studies on the Columbia River Robeck, Gordon G
et al
Rw 200 23 1954 Request document »
Birds of North America Robbins, Chandler S.
et al
Rg 200 7 1966 Request document »
Columbia River - Troubled Waters: A Map of the Columbia River Basin - A look at the human impacts and the challenges. River Watch Rw 200 48 6/92 Request document »
Be Riversmart about things you do at home River Network Rw 300 139 Request document »
Parameter Estimation for the Pella-Tomlinson Stock Production Model Under Nonequ Rivard, D
Bledsoe, L. J.
Mg 14 1978 Request document »
Guide to the Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins of the Northeast Pacific and Artic Risheries Board of C Rf 200 71 1965 Request document »
Persistence of the DDT Pesticide in the Yakima River Basin Washington Rinella, Joseph
et al
Rw 200 42 1993 Request document »
Deep Water Complex Species Mix in WA & OR Trawl Fishery Rickey, Martha
Lai Han-Lin
Rf 200 129 11/90 Request document »
Between Pacific Tides Ricketts, Edward F.
Calvin, Jack
Mg 5 1968 Request document »
Assessing Impacts of Land Management Activities on Erosion-Related Nonpoint ... Rickert, David A.
Beach, Gary L.
Rw 200 13 11/78 Request document »
River Quality Assessment: Implications of a Prototype Project Rickert, David A
Hines, Walter G
Rw 200 12 6/78 Request document »
Oregon's Procedure for Assessing the Impacts of Land Management Activities on Er Rickert, David A
et al
Rw 200 18 12/78 Request document »
State of the Sound 1988 Report Richter, Joanne Pwa 400 18 1988 Request document »
Estimates of Columbia River Radionuclide Concentrations: Data for Phase 1 Dose Richmond, M. C.
Walters, W. H.
Mr 6 5/91 Request document »
Hydro-ecological Problems of Marina in Puget Sound Richey, Eugene P. Dm 2 1971 Request document »
Aquatic Disposal Field Investigations - Columbia River Disposal Site, Oregon Richardson, Michael
Carey, Jr., A. G.
Dd 5 1977 Request document »
Study of Benthic Baseline Assemblages in the MCR Disposal Site Area Richardson, Michael
et al
Dd 13 1976 Request document »
Disturbance and Production on the Estuarine Seafloor Rhoads, Donald C.
et al
Dd 44 9/78 Request document »
Environmental Grantmaking Foundations Resources for Global Sustainability, Inc. Mg 42 Request document »
Columbia River System, the Inside Story Resource Writers, In Pr 100 53 9/91 Request document »
Clatsop County Waste Reduction Plan Resource Conservatio Por 301 45 2/82 Request document »
Investigation of Restoration and Enhancement Project to Achieve Environmental an Research Group Em 33 1992 Request document »
National Water Quality Goals Cannot Be Attained without More Attention to Pollut report to Congress Rw 200 15 12/77 Request document »
Grazing on Wetland Meadows Reimold, Robert J. Ew 35 Request document »
Detritus Production in Coastal Georgia Salt Marshes Reimold, Robert J. Ew 37 Request document »
Interim Report: Environmental Enhancement of the Baltimore Harbor Regional Planning Co Dp 25 Request document »
Baltimore Harbor Environmental Enhancement Plan Regional Planning Co Dp 26 4/82 Request document »
Region 10 Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan Reg. Response Team Pa 19 Request document »
Acoustic Deterrence of Harmful Marine Mammal-Fishery Interactions Reeves, et al. Rg 200 54 Dec-96 Request document »
National List of Plant Species That Occur in Wetlands: 1988 National Summary Reed, JR., Porter B. Ew 300 14 9/88 Request document »
National List of Plant Species that Occur in Wetlands: Northwest (Region 9) Reed, Jr., Porter B. Ew 79 c2 5/88 Request document »
Geologic Hazards of Development on Sand Dunes along the Oregon Coast Reckendorf Dg 9 1998 Request document »
Dealing with Annex V - Reference Guide for Ports - NOAA Technical Memorandum... Recht, Fran Dw 1 9/88 Request document »
Report on a Port-Based Project to Reduce Marine Debris - NWAFC Processed Report Recht, Fran Dw 2 7/88 Request document »
Economic Development in North Clatsop County: Analysis and Recommendations for Reamer, PhD., Andrew
et al
Por 301 40 1/89 Request document »
Economic Development in North Clatsop County: Analysis and Recommendations ... Reamer, Andrew
et al
Por 300 12 1/89 Request document »
Snake River Runs of Salmon and Steelhead Trout: Trends in Abundance of Adults an Raymon, Howard L Rf 100 77 1975 Request document »
Environmental Assessment for 15 Acre Fill and Dredging at Tongue Point Rathburn, Ron Por 305 15 Request document »
Effects of Flowlane Disposal in the Columbia River Estuary 1983-84 Monitoring St Rathburn, Ron
Lipovsky, Sandy
Por 306 21 Request document »
Hatchery Returns and Spawing Data for Columbia River 1960-1976 Rasch, Tony
Robert Foster
Rf 300 23 5/78 Request document »
An Economic Evaluation of the Columbia River Estuary Rainmar Bartl
Mike Morgan
Por 200 114 11/81 Request document »
Housing Planning in Oregon Ragatz, Richard L. Por 100 2 1979 Request document »
Comprehensive Plan Monitoring: Guidelines and Resources for Oregon Communities Ragatz Associates Por 100 23 3/83 Request document »
Coastal Community Impacts of the Recreational/Allocation of Salmon in the Ocean Radtke, Hans D.
Carter, Christopher
Rf 100 135 12/86 Request document »
Economic Landscape of the Oregon Coast Radtke, Hans D.
Davis, Shannon W.
Por 200 1987 Request document »
Economic Landscape of the Oregon Coast Radtke, Hans D.
Shannon W.
Por 200 83 Request document »
Entrainment of Outmigrating Fish by Hopper Dredge at the Columbia River and Oregon Coastal Sites R2 Resource Consultants, Inc. Dd 117 Jul-99 Request document »
Preliminary Land Use Plan: Pacific County, Washington R. Meyers Engineers Pwa 301 4 1971 Request document »
Development of Forecast Techniques for Wave and Surf Conditions Over the Bars... Quinn, William H.
Enfield, David B.
Eb 15 Request document »
Treacherous Columbia River Bar Quinn, William H
Black, Robert M
Dt 8 9/80 Request document »
Coastal Data Networks and Sources Quayle, Robert G. Mw 5 9/79 Request document »
Use of Exclosures in Studies of Predation by Shorebirds on Intertidal Mudflats Quammen, Millicent L Rg 200 32 10/81 Request document »
Influence of Subtle Substrate Differences on Feeding by Shorebirds on Intertidal Quammen, M. L. Rg 200 44 1982 Request document »
Global Positioning Systems Technology and Its Application In Environmental Progr Puterski, Robert
et al
Mi 2 11/90 Request document »
Spill Preventon Puget Sound WQA De 300 28 3/90 Request document »
Protecting Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Puget Sound Puget Sound Water Qu Pwa 200 38 3/90 Request document »
Contaminated Sediments and Dredging Puget Sound Water Dd 107 5/86 Request document »
1987 Puget Sound Water Quality Management Plan Puget Sound Water
Quality Authority
Rw 100 8 Request document »
1989 Puget Sound Water Quality Management Plan Puget Sound Water
Quality Authority
Rw 100 18 Request document »
Pesticides in Puget Sound Puget Sound Wat Qual Pwa 400 21 3/90 Request document »
Project Manager's Guide to Requesting & Evaluating Chemical Analyses PTI Environmental Se Rq 100 17 8/91 Request document »
1991 Puget Sound Water Quality Management Plan PSWQA Rw 100 38 1991 Request document »
Dredged Spoil Disposal on the New Jersey Wetlands: The Problem of Environmental Psuty, Norbert P.
Nordstrom, Karl F.
Dd 16 4/74 Request document »
Tactical Decision Algorithm for the Optimal Dispatching of Oil Spill .... Psaraftis, Harilaos
Ziogas, Babis O.
De 300 20 Request document »
Columbia River Estuary and Adjacent Ocean Waters Pruter, A. T.
Alverson, D. L.
Ec 5 1972 Request document »
Ecological Characteriazation of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Region vol. 2 - Characterization Atlas-Regional Synopsis Proctor, Charles M.
et al
Pr 100 27 c 1&2 7/80 Request document »
Ecological Characterization of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Region vol 2 - Characterization Atlas-Regional Synopsis Proctor, Charles M.
et al
Pr 100 27b 2 c 7/80 Request document »
Ecological Characterization of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Region vol 5 - Data Source Appendix Proctor, Charles M.
et al
Pr 100 27e 3 c 7/80 Request document »
Ecological Characterization of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Region vol 4 - Characterization Atlas-Watershed Unit Descriptions Proctor, Charles M
et al
Pr 100 27d 7/80 Request document »
Final Report of the States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force Pro of British Colum
et al
De 300 30 7/90 Request document »
Seaports as Public Enterprises: Some Policy Implications Price, Willard Dp 32 4/82 Request document »
Electonic Coded-Wire Detection Equipment Study During 1996 Treaty Coho Fishery Pratt, Cynthia
Flint, Tim
Rf 300 111 5/97 Request document »
Electronic Coded-Wire Dectection Equipment Study During the 1996 Treaty Coho Fis Pratt
RF 300 113 5/97 Request document »
Contribution of State Coastal Zone Management Programs to Improved Coastal... - ...Water Quality Powell, Scott L.
Hershman, Marc J.
Pc 36 Request document »
State of Oregon - Population Projects for Oregon and Its Counties 1975-2000 Portland State Univ Por 100 16 2/76 Request document »
Downtown Waterfront Urban Renewal Plan Portland Dev Comm Dd 102 4/83 Request document »
Vancouver Coal Terminal, Clark County, WA; Final EIS Port of Vancouver, W De 400 15 5/82 Request document »


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