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Detection and quantification of alkaline phosphatase in single cells of phosphorus-starved marine phtyoplankton Gonzàlez-Gill et al. RF200 162 Apr-98 Request document »
Determination of Transition Zone Limits in Coastal California Wetlands Harvey, H. Thomas
et al
Ew 24 7/78 Request document »
Detritus Problem and the Feeding and Digestion of an Estuarine Organism Kirby-Smith, William Eb 44 Request document »
Detritus Production in Coastal Georgia Salt Marshes Reimold, Robert J. Ew 37 Request document »
Detritus-based Food Webs: Exploitation by Juvenile Chum Salmon Sibert, J.
et al
Rf 200 17 5/77 Request document »
Developing a Growth Management System for Rural Coastal Communities Brower, David
et al
Pm 27 12/81 Request document »
Developing and Protecting our Marine Resources SeaGrant in California Rw 300 11 Jun-05 Request document »
Development and management of Avian Habitat on Dredged Material Islands Soots, Jr., Robert
Landin, Mary C.
Dd 39 12/78 Request document »
Development and Mitigation in the Pacific Northwest Blomberg, George Em 31 Request document »
Development of Forecast Techniques for Wave and Surf Conditions Over the Bars... Quinn, William H.
Enfield, David B.
Eb 15 Request document »
Development of Methods for Studying Physical and Biological Processes in the ... Holton, Robert L.
Elliot, William P.
Os 15 3/73 Request document »
Development Pressure in the Coastal Zone Pacific Planning Por 200 6 1975 Request document »
Development Standards Document BGRS Lor 200 5 12/79 Request document »
Device to Detect Magnetized Wire Tags in Migrating Adult Coho Salmon Durkin, Joseph T.
et al
Rf 100 40 1969 Request document »
Diatom Associations in Yaquina Estuary, Oregon: A Multivariate Analusis McIntire, C. David Eb 26 1973 Request document »
Diatom Flora as a Salinity Indicator in the Columbia River Estuary McIntire, C. David Pr 200 46 1982 Request document »
Dictionary of Development Terminology Dumouchell, J. Rober Mg 6 1975 Request document »
Diel Activity of Two Amphipods in the Columbia River Estuary Davis, John S.
Holton, Robert L.
Eb 16 4/76 Request document »
Diet of Subuearling Chinook Salmon in the CRE and Changes Effected by the 1980 Kirn, Richard A
et al
Rf 200 127 5/85 Request document »
Diet of Walleye In A Percid-Centrarchid Community Bolding, Bruce
et al
Rf 200 156 6/96 Request document »
Digest of Decisions Shoreline Management Act 6/71-9/77 WA Shorelines Hearin Lwa 300 5 10/77 Request document »
Digest of Decisions; Shoreline Management Act. From June, 1971 through Sept. 77 Wash. State Lwa 100 4 1977 Request document »
Digest of Water Resources Policies and Authorities Corps of Engineers Lf 100 6 9/79 Request document »
Digital Simulation of Nonlinear Random Waves Hudspeth, Robert T.
Chen, Min-Chu
Og 5 1979 Request document »
Diminishing Returns: The Status of West Coast Rockfish Pacifc Mairne Conservation Council RF 300 138 1999 Request document »
Directory of Cartographic Products for the State of Washington Ms 14 1/82 Request document »
Directory of Programs and Projects in Fisheries and Ocean Technology: 1981-1982 Oregon Sea Grant Off Rf 100 96 1981 Request document »
Directory to Federal, State and Local OCS-Related Activities and Contacts Benton, J.
et al
De 200 22 11/79 Request document »
Discharge and Flow Distribution, Columbia River Estuary Lutz, G. A.
et al
Ep 3 1975 Request document »
Discharge in the Lower Columbia River Basin, 1928 -1965 Orem, Hollis M. Rw 300 1968 Request document »
Discussion of Alternatives for New York's Coastal Management Program Hansen, R. Pu 15 Request document »
Disk Directory by Box # CREST 1987-1992 Request document »
Dispute Resoulution Bauer, Leonard
Watt, Peter K.
Pm 34 10/90 Request document »
Distribution & Abundance of Fish & Invertebrates in West Coast Estuarines, vol 1 Monaco, Mark E.
Nelson, D. M.
Rf 300 67 3/90 Request document »
Distribution & Abundance of Fishes and Invertibrates in West Coast Estuaries v.2 Emmett, R. L.
Hinton, S. A.
Rf 200 120 8/91 Request document »
Distribution and Abundance of Juvenile Salmon in Marsh Habitats of the Fraser R. Levy, D. A.
Northcote, T. G.
Rf 300 27 2/81 Request document »
Distribution and Abundance of Small Flatfishes and Other Demersal Fishes in a Re Pearcy, William G. Rf 200 110 Request document »
Distribution and Community Structure of Benthic Infauna in Channel and Protected Higley, Duane L.
et al
Eb 50 Request document »
Distribution and Habitat of Native Nongame Stream Fishes of the Olympic Peninsula Mongillo, Hallock Rf 100 163 Nov-97 Request document »
Distribution and Movement of Juvenile Salmon in Brownlee Reservoir, 1962-65 Durkin, Joseph T.
et al
Rf 100 55 4/70 Request document »
Distribution and Origin of Chinook Salmon in Off-shore Waters of the North Pacif Major, F. L.
et al
Rf 200 63 1978 Request document »
Distribution of Beach Sediments Near the Columbia River Ballard, R. L. Eg 5 1964 Request document »
Distribution of Diatoms in the Plankton of Yaquina Estuary, Oregon Karentz, Deneb
McIntire, C. David
Eb 27 1977 Request document »
Distribution of Epiphytic Diatoms in Yaquina Estuary, Oregon (USA) Main, Stephen P.
McIntire, C. David
Eb 24 1974 Request document »
Distribution of Estuarine Diatoms along Environmental Gradients: A Canonical Cor McIntire, C. David Eb 23 1978 Request document »
Distribution of Fishes in Tributaries of the Lower Columbia River Copeia 1967 Rf 200 58 Request document »
Distribution of Geoduck .... Goodwin, Lynn
Pease, Bruce
Rf 200 119 12/87 Request document »
Distribution of Habitats and Summer Standing Crop of Seagrasses and Macroalgae.. - in Padilla Bay, Washington Bulthuis, Douglas A. Rv 30 5/91 Request document »
Distribution of Intertidal Diatoms Associated with Sediments in Yaquina Estuary Amspoker, Michael C.
McIntyre, O. David
Eb 22 1978 Request document »
Distribution of Radionuclides in Bottom Sediments of the Columbia River Estuary Hubbell, D. W.
Glenn, J. L.
Mr 2 1973 Request document »
Distribution of Seagrasses in a North Puget Sound Estuary: Padilla Bay, WA Bulthuis, Douglas A. Rv 28 12/94 Request document »
Distribution, Abundance, Size Class Structure, and Migrations of Dungeness Crab McCabe, George
et al
Rf 100 111 2/85 Request document »
Distribution, Density, & Size-class Structure of Dungeness Crabs in Columbia Riv Rf 200 105 Request document »
Distributional Patterns in Assemblages of Attached Diatoms From Yaquina Estuary McIntire, C. David
Overton, W. Scott
Eb 25 Request document »
Disturbance and Production on the Estuarine Seafloor Rhoads, Donald C.
et al
Dd 44 9/78 Request document »
Dollars and Sense US EPA Mu 1 12/88 Request document »
Douglas County Coastal Airport Exception Statement Umpqua Regional Coun Por 200 64 1/82 Request document »
Douglas-fir Christmas Tree Economics: The Costs of Establishing & Producing Xmas - Trees in the Willamette Valley OSU Extension Serv. Rt 200 12 1/94 Request document »
Downtown Waterfront Urban Renewal Plan Portland Dev Comm Dd 102 4/83 Request document »
Draft - Aquatic Land Policy Plan WDNR Pwa 100 15 6/84 Request document »
Draft - Description of the Proposed Summary Report - Outer Continental Shelf Oil De 200 23 Request document »
Draft Amendment 14 to The Pacific Coast Salmon Plan (1997) Pacific Fishery Mana Rf 100 167 1/99 Request document »
Draft Ecological Evaluation of Proposed Discharge of Dredged Material into EPA
Corps of Engineers
Dd 91 Request document »
Draft EIS: South Tongue Pt. Land Exchange & Marine Pk. Development Project USF&WS Pa 20 Request document »
Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the WA Sediment Management Standards Ch WA DOE Rq 100 24 10/90 Request document »
Draft Environmental Impact Statement Prepared on the Proposed Washington Coastal Pwa 200 7 11/78 Request document »
DRAFT for Public Hearings OR Ocean Resources Og 12c 1 & 2 5/90 Request document »
DRAFT Mt. St. Helens, WA Feasibility Report and EIS, vol 1 Main Report and Appen COE Pr 100 50 a,b Request document »
DRAFT Oregon Coastal Management Program LCDC De 200 38 2/76 Request document »
Draft Plan of Study for the Completion of the CREDDP CREST Pa 10 7/82 Request document »
Draft Recovery Plan Marbled Murrelet - Washington, Oregon, and California Populations USF&WS Rg 100 21 7/95 Request document »
Draft Scoping Paper for a Proposed Wild Salmonid Policy for the WA Dept of Fish Pwa 100 26 5/94 Request document »
Dredge Disposal Study, San Francisco Bay and Estuary Appendix K, Marshland Dev. Corps of Engineers Dd 49 Request document »
Dredged Material Disposal at Area D Fox, D.
Benoit, P.
Dd 77 1986 Request document »
Dredged Material Management Plan & Supplemental EIS Apendices Corps of Engineers Dd 116 Jun-98 Request document »
Dredged Material Research Program, Secong Annual Report Corps of Engineers Dd 25 1975 Request document »
Dredged Spoil Disposal on the New Jersey Wetlands: The Problem of Environmental Psuty, Norbert P.
Nordstrom, Karl F.
Dd 16 4/74 Request document »
Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal Policy Evaluation Fox, David Dd 84 Request document »
Dredging Dilemma: System Problems and Management Solutions New Eng. River Basin Dd 62 9/81 Request document »
Dredging in Estuaries Williamson, K J
et al
Dd 105 1977 Request document »
Dredging in Estuaries: Guides Manual Schroeder, W. L. Dd 10 1977 Request document »
Dredging in Estuaries: Technical Manual Schroeder, W. L. Dd 11 1977 Request document »
Dredging of Lewis and Clark Connecting Channel, Clatsop County, Oregon: 1973 Corps of Engineers Por 300 3 1973 Request document »
Ducks at a Distance Hines, Bob Rg 200 27 1978 Request document »
Dune Groundwater Planning and Management Considerations for the Oregon Coast Crook, Christianna S Por 200 36 5/79 Request document »
Dune Stabilization & Restoration Methods and Criteria Ternyik, Wilbur Por 200 40 6/79 Request document »
Dunes City Local Wetlands Inventory and Riparian Inventory Pacific Habitat Svcs Por 400 31 Nov-96 Request document »
Duwamish Waterway Navigation Improvement Study: Analysis of Impacts on Water... Harper-Owes Company Pwa 200 6 2/81 Request document »
Duwamish Waterway Navigation Improvement Study: Review of Existing Information Shapiro and Associat
Cheney, Dan
Pwa 200 5 6/80 Request document »
Dyanmics of Estuarine Benthic Communities Boesch, Donald F. Eb 46 Request document »
E.S.E.E. Analysis of Conservation Wetland Sites Clackamas Ct. DOT & Dev. Ew 83 Feb-96 Request document »
Early Life History of Marine Fish: the Egg Stage Hempel, Gotthilf Og 4 1979 Request document »
Earth's Dynamic Systems Hamblin, W. Kenneth Mg 7 1978 Request document »
East Sand Island Dredged Material Disposal Areas Corps of Engineers Dd 76 Request document »
Eastland Fisheries Survey Rf 100 62 5/77 Request document »
Ecological and Physiological/Toxicological Effects on Petroleum on Aquatic Birds Stickel, L. F.
Dieter, M. P.
Rg 200 21 1979 Request document »
Ecological Application Volume 9 No 4 ESA Pm 45 Nov-99 Request document »
Ecological Applications Volume 10 No 1 ESA Pm 42 Feb-00 Request document »
Ecological Applications Volume 6 No. 3 ESA Pm 40 Aug-96 Request document »
Ecological Applications Volume 6 No. 4 ESA Pm 41 Nov-96 Request document »


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