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For over 40 years, the Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce (CREST) has been working with citizens, organizations and agencies along the Columbia River Estuary and the Oregon and Washington Coasts. Our mission is bridging community and ecology on the Columbia River Estuary

CREST, located in Astoria, OR, is a community organization specializing in environmental planning and habitat restoration for fish and wildlife.  CREST offers expertise in project design, funding, management, implementation and monitoring with the goal to sustain the partnership between the natural ecosystem and the neighboring communities along the Columbia River Estuary.

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The Ft Columbia Tidal Reconnection Project
Otter Point Estuarine Restoration
Megler Creek Restoration

The estuary at the mouth of the Columbia River is a diverse and vulnerable ecosystem. Home to a multiplicity of fish, plants, animals, and birds, the area is also vital to the people who live and work in the riverside communities. The economy and ecology of the region rely on one another, and both benefit from commtiments to sustainability.

Efforts to protect and restore the habitat must therefore be collaborative and comprehensive, accommodating the interdependency of flora and fauna species that span the length and breadth of the Columbia River. CREST is a reliable leader in this work, coordinating communities, landowners, governmental authorities, businesses, and environmental organizations,